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Where in the room should my stove be positioned?

 May 11, 2020   Annabelle   No Comments

You may be wondering what your options are for where your stove can be located in your home. Here we answer the question of where in the room your stove can be positioned.

How to maintain your wood burning stove

 March 5, 2020   Annabelle   No Comments

As spring is in sight, we start to think about spring cleaning our homes. A wood burning stove or fire also needs cleaning and maintaining and now is a good time to learn how to spring clean your Dovre wood burner.

Choosing a new stove

 February 19, 2020   Annabelle   No Comments

You know you want a new log burner, but are not sure where to begin? This simple guide should help you make up your mind for what suits both your home and your lifestyle.

A contemporary wood burner with a Scandinavian twist…

 February 16, 2020   Darcy   No Comments

Looking for the perfect modern twist on the classic Scandinavian look? Perhaps the Dovre Astroline range is the perfect match for you!

Buying a stove? An essential guide to fuel types

 February 13, 2020   Tim   No Comments

Buying a stove can be a great way to bring a warming, ambient focal point into your living space. But depending on your needs, some stove options may be better suited to you than others. Read on to find out which Dovre wood burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric stove will make the perfect addition to your home.

New Year, New Stove

 January 6, 2020   Annabelle   No Comments

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means a new look to our homes. If you are looking for a log burner, here are four top stoves that you should know about.

Why Choose a Dovre Gas Stove?

 December 30, 2019   Tim   No Comments

Looking for a classic log burner with all the ease of gas? Our Dovre gas stoves have been designed to provide superb flame visuals, a highly realistic log-effect and realistic glowing embers. And all at the touch of a button with the optional remote control.

The Zen 100 & 102 Cassette Fires

 December 27, 2019   Darcy   One Comment

If you are someone that is interested in a wood burning fire, but you want something that has a more contemporary feel and look? The Dovre Zen 100 & 102 might be that perfect option for you. Sleek and simple, this inset wood burning fire fits perfectly into a modern interior. Find out more about this range below!

5 Dovre wood burning and multi-fuel Ecodesign stoves to warm your home this winter!

 December 24, 2019   Tim   No Comments

Designed to meet 2022 Ecodesign Air quality standards, these five wood burning stoves offer the latest in solid fuel home heating. Each features high efficiency combustion systems developed from our 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative heating products. When burnt with good quality wood each will add a modern and practical heat source to your home. Read on to take a closer look at these stylish wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

The Vintage Addition

 November 22, 2019   Darcy   No Comments

The Vintage wood burning stove range by Dovre has been designed to withstand the arctic chill, but with a modern, contemporary twist on the classic Scandinavian style. So, for those of you who are looking for that small spark within your traditional home, the Vintage wood burning stove range might be the perfect accessory for you.

We will plant a tree when you choose Dovre

 November 21, 2019   Annabelle   No Comments

Dovre launches new campaign with partner Certainly Wood, with aims to plant 10,000 new trees every year in Britain.

Scandinavian Wood Burning Stoves

 October 28, 2019   Darcy   No Comments

The Scandinavian styled wood burning stove range by Dovre has been built to endure the harshest of arctic winters and has been perfectly crafted with high performance heating to fend off the chill from any home or living space. Below we have listed the top 5 contemporary and traditional Norwegian styled wood burning stoves.

Why Choose a Dovre Cast Iron Electric Stove?

 October 22, 2019   Tim   No Comments

Dovre electric stoves offer the cast iron quality of their solid fuel and gas counterparts. Read on to find out why these stylish electric log burners make a great addition to your home.

Can I have a stove if I don’t have a chimney?

 October 14, 2019   Annabelle   No Comments

If you have moved home and realised that your new property does not feature a chimney, don’t worry! There are many options out there that make having a log burner possible for you and your home.

Choosing a contemporary wood burning stove for your home

 August 22, 2019   Camille   No Comments

Dovre have a wide selection of contemporary wood burning stoves for homes with a more modern look. These stoves are also both Ecodesign Ready stoves and suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas.

Statement fireplaces for a traditional home

 August 19, 2019   Annabelle   2 Comments

A Dovre fireplace makes a statement in the home. Here are two traditional insert fireplaces that can be combined with a canopy to create a stunning centrepiece, or built into a fireplace for a more integrated finish.

5 Small wood burning or multi-fuel Stoves from Dovre

 August 16, 2019   Tim   No Comments

Finding a wood burning or multi-fuel stove can be tricky, especially if you’ve got a small room or a tight spot where you’d like to put your appliance. We’ve put together a list of our most compact woodburners to help you find the perfect stove for your home.

No Chimney? No problem for Dovre stoves

 July 31, 2019   Tim   No Comments

Many people assume that because their home doesn’t have a chimney, a stove is out of the question.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you opt for a wood burning stove, gas stove or electric stove, all can be installed almost anywhere.

5 Ecodesign wood burners

 July 29, 2019   Annabelle   No Comments

If you’ve heard about Ecodesign, you might be looking to upgrade your current wood burner. Dovre offers a wide range of Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves. Here are five examples to help you start your journey to a new fireplace.

Looking for a traditional woodburner?

 July 4, 2019   Camille   No Comments

Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries, traditional interiors include design elements such as classic art, antiques and pieces with history. Whether you are looking for a wood burning, gas or electric stove, homes can choose from one of Dovre's traditional woodburners.