International Hygge Day

International Hygge Day

International Hygge Day is coming up, with the UK Hygge Day following shortly behind. Here are tips for how to bring hygge to your home.

International Hygge Day is coming up (28th February), with the UK Hygge Day following shortly behind (1st March).

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is well-known as a Danish word that invokes feelings of cosiness, warmth and wellbeing. Hygge is often about spending time with people you love, in a cosy space with blankets, a wood burning stove, and the comfort of good food and drink.

At the moment, a lot of us are spending much more time indoors – some, even working from home full time whilst also looking after children. How do you achieve hygge when home life may even have become more stressful?

Here are our top ideas for how to relax on International Hygge Day – it’s a great time to refresh ourselves on how to achieve hygge at home.

Light the fire

It’s the perfect time of year to light the fire, and as hygge involves enjoying the warmth of a cosy space, what better time than Hygge Day to get your wood burner going. If you do not already own a wood burning stove, why not get in touch with your local retailer to find out more?

Switch off from screen time

We’re constantly on our phones or mobile devices keeping up with loved ones or work. Sometimes, all you need is a little peace and quiet. Try switching off from technology for a few hours, enjoying the comforts of your own home such as the relaxing view of a fire in your wood burning stove.

Get comfortable

If you’re like us, you’ll love all things interior design and home furnishings. Now’s the time to get your blankets and cushions out and create a sumptuous space for true relaxation.

Treat yourself to comfort food

Whatever comfort food means to you, enjoy the process of both making it and enjoying it. Take the time to slow down and relish the enjoyment of cooking.

Be creative

Why not enjoy something crafty? If you have children, this could also be a great way to detach them from screen time and enjoy a family activity.

Anything that helps you to slow down and remind yourself of life’s small pleasures will allow you to achieve hygge at home. If this blog post has inspired you to search for a new wood burning stove, browse our brochure, or speak to your local Dovre retailer for more information and advice.

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Posted by Annabelle on February 22, 2021