Cast Iron Performance with Dovre’s Stoves

Cast Iron Performance with Dovre’s Stoves

Taking their name from the arresting Norwegian mountain range, Dovre pride themselves in building quality heating products that can stand the test of time. Using high-grade materials, they make the cast iron mouldings at the factory where they build their stoves.

Whether you choose a Dovre woodburning or multi-fuel stove, or a gas or electric stove, each is constructed from high quality cast iron.

In line with Dovre’s rich stove building heritage, they produce their own cast iron for their stoves at their factory. State of the art induction furnaces, automated moulding lines and laser-controlled potting machines process the raw materials needed to make the cast iron mouldings for solid fuel, electric and gas stoves.

This tried and tested metal has various advantages. Thanks to its durability and ability to retain heat, cast iron makes for an excellent metal with which to build wood burning, multi-fuel and gas stoves. Due to its thermal properties, cast iron continues to release heat into the room long after the fire has died down – providing heat for longer than a steel constructed stove.

Cast iron also permits the crafting of different shapes, textures and fine detailing, allowing Dovre to incorporate beautiful designs into models across their wood burning, gas and electric stove ranges. For an elegant example of a traditional cast iron moulding, see the Dovre 280 electric or the Dovre 425 gas stove with intricate lattice detailing on the sides. For a more contemporary example of a cast iron wood burning stove, see our curved Bold and Vintage stove ranges.

For more information on Dovre’s range of cast iron stoves, visit your local authorised retailer. They will be able to show you the range of wood burning, multi-fuel and electric options available and provide advice on any installation requirements you might have.

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Posted by Dan on October 26, 2020