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Our range of canopies, plinths and side panels has been specially designed to complement Dovre appliances, whether installed freestanding in an inglenook or a recessed fireplace.

They are manufactured to the highest standards and help ensure a lifetime of fireside pleasure.

Inglenook Canopies

1800 Fireplace

Code Description Height Base width Top width Base depth Top depth
DV-CM1 Small 1800 Canopy 325mm 530mm 260mm 310mm 145mm
DV-CM2 Medium 1800 Canopy 700mm 685mm 260mm 460mm 235mm
DV-CM3 Tall 1800 Canopy 950mm 685mm 230mm 460mm 235mm

2000 & 2700 Fireplaces

Code Description Height Base width Top width Base depth Top depth
DV-CS1 Small 2700 Canopy 360mm 710mm 410mm 400mm 260mm
DV-CS2 Medium 2000/2700 Canopy 685mm 900mm 350mm 570mm 300mm
DV-CS3 Tall 2000/2700 Canopy 1070mm 900mm 300mm 560mm 290mm

‘Countryman’ for 2000 & 2700 Fireplaces

The Traditional ‘olde worlde’ styled canopy with heavy, more rugged, black studded strap trim.

Code Description Height Base width Top width Base depth Top depth
DV-CS5 Countryman Canopy 1070mm 900mm 300mm 560mm 290mm

2400 Fireplaces

Code Description Height Base width Top width Base depth Top depth
DV-CC1 2400 Canopy 805mm 755mm 300mm 535mm 260mm

Side panels

1800, 2000, 2400 & 2700 Fireplaces


Designed to improve convection on appliances used in freestanding installations, base plinths will also enhance the visual appearance of your fireplace.

Code Description Height Width Depth
DV-MBP 1800 Base Plinth (Black) 80mm 510mm 315mm
DV-SBP 2000/2700 Base Plinth (Black) 80mm 725mm 485mm

Side Panel Units

For use with freestanding type installations where the sides of the appliance may be exposed to view, for example with an extra wide inglenook.

Code Description Height Width Depth
DV-SP1 1800 Side Panel Unit (Black) 470mm 530mm 290mm
DV-SP2 2700 Side Panel Unit (Black) 740mm 720mm 400mm
DV-SP3 2000 Side Panel Unit (Black) 780mm 720mm 350mm
DV-SP5 2400 Side Panel Unit (Black) 520mm 635mm 400mm

Flue Adaptors

Code Description Flue Pipe Diameter
DV-MFA 1800 Flue Adaptor 5¼”-6″ (134-153mm)
DV-SFA 2000/2700 Flue Adaptor 7¼”-8″ (185-204mm)

Matching Enamelled Flue Pipe

For the fully colour co-ordinated installation of your stove, and optimum performance, we offer high quality enamel coloured flue pipe. However, please note that due to the different production processes we cannot guarantee a perfect match between pipe and stove.

The flue pipe diameters required for each model are given on each of the product pages.

127mm Diameter

Product Black Enamel Midnight Blue Enamel Forest Green Enamel Ivory Enamel
305mm (1’) straight without door DV-F512BLK DV-F512BL DV-F512GR DV-F512IV
610mm (2’) straight without door DV-F524BLK DV-F524BL DV-F524GR DV-F524IV
915mm (3’) straight without door DV-F536BLK DV-F536BL DV-F536GR DV-F536IV
915mm (3’) straight with door DV-FD536BLK DV-FD536BL DV-FD536GR DV-FD536IV
90° bend without door DV-FE590BLK DV-FE590BL DV-FE590GR DV-FE590IV
135° bend with door DV-FED545BLK DV-FED545BL DV-FED545GR DV-FED545IV
Tee + end cap DV-FT5BLK
125mm – 150mm increaser DV-F5-6INCBLK

152mm Diameter

Product Black Enamel Midnight Blue Enamel Forest Green Enamel Ivory Enamel
305mm (1’) straight without door DV-F612BLK DV-F612BL DV-F612GR DV-F612IV
610mm (2’) straight without door DV-F624BLK DV-F624BL DV-F624GR DV-F624IV
915mm (3’) straight without door DV-F636BLK DV-F636BL DV-F636GR DV-F636IV
915mm (3’) straight with door DV-FD636BLK DV-FD636BL DV-FD636GR DV-FD636IV
90° bend without door DV-FE690BLK DV-FE690BL DV-FE690GR DV-FE690IV
135° bend with door DV-FE645BLK DV-FE645BL DV-FE645GR DV-FED545IV

Professional XQ™ Chimney Systems

Stovax (Dovre’s distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland) also offers a comprehensive range of stove and fireplace chimney systems, the Stovax Professional XQ™ collection. Crafted from 304L grade stainless steel for a durable outer finish, the fully sealed components offer water tight protection for the insulation within.

With innovative decorative options, the ability to specify a colour for your system and with a host of technical advancements such as their Twist-Lock system, the Professional XQ™ range provides an attractive, versatile and reliable solution for your flue system. Furthermore, the Professional XQ™ range carries a 10 year conditional warranty offering complete peace of mind.

For further information or to request a brochure, simply contact your local retailer or visit our Professional XQ™ page.

Care Of Your Stove or Fireplace

To help you get the best performance from your stove or fireplace and keep it in good condition, inside and out, Stovax (Dovre’s distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland) offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products. Stovax also supplies a wide variety of fireplace accessories. Your Dovre retailer will be able to give you full details or you may view the complete range at here.


Fireplace, Stove & Hearth Accessories

Expertly crafted with a variety of styling options and available in wrought iron, black, brass and chrome finishes, this exquisite range of accessories comprises individual tools alongside complete companion sets. There are also a number of classically designed pails, scuttles and holders for your coals, logs and kindling – functional and stylish accompaniments to your Dovre stove or fireplace.

Contemporary Steel Log Holders

For more modern interiors, Stovax has developed a range of contemporary log holders in matt black steel. These are highly attractive and a superb pairing to Dovre’s range of contemporary Vintage and Astroline series stoves.


The latest addition to the accessories range, Ironworks is an outstanding collection of exceptional quality wrought iron log holders and fire tools, expertly crafted to timeless designs; truly the perfect complement to your Dovre wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

Contemporary Steel Log Holders