Why Choose a Dovre Gas Stove?

Why Choose a Dovre Gas Stove?

Looking for a classic log burner with all the ease of gas? Our Dovre gas stoves have been designed to provide superb flame visuals, a highly realistic log-effect and realistic glowing embers. And all at the touch of a button with the optional remote control.

Quality Construction

Dovre gas stoves are built with the same high quality castings as our wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, using the stove engineering and craftsmanship we’ve been perfecting for the last 60 years.

Cast in our foundry, our gas stoves feature intricate detailing to draw the eye and demonstrate the workmanship involved in their creation. Tasteful bevelling on the door and elegant cross hatching on the sides of the stove ensure Dovre gas stoves look great from any angle.

Two Sizes to meet your needs

Our gas stoves come in two sizes, the 280 and the 425. The smaller of the two, the 280 provides up to 3.8kW of heat which is perfect for small to standard sized rooms. Thanks to its proportions, the 280 can fit into a wide range of fireplaces.

The bigger 425 gas stove can generate up to 5.5kWs, which makes it a great choice for large and spacious rooms that can take a while to warm up. This powerful stove will make an impact in any setting thanks to its impressive presence.

No Chimney? No problem

Both our 280 and 425 gas stoves are offered in balanced flue versions that don’t need a chimney, and conventional flue versions that do. This means that you can enjoy either stove regardless of whether your home has a chimney or not.  Balanced flue models use a specially designed twin wall pipe and terminal on the outside of the property, which removes flue gases and takes in combustion air.

Remote control options

To give you the ultimate in ease and convenience, Dovre gas log burners can be controlled with a choice of optional remote controls. Our standard handset allows you to adjust heat output and flame height from the comfort of the sofa. For increased functionality, our Programmable Thermostatic remote control lets you set your gas stove to heat the room to a pre-set temperature and more.

A Network of Expert Local Retailers

Dovre stoves are sold through our Expert Retailer Network to ensure each stove is correctly installed and provides you with years of enjoyment. Your local Dovre retailer will be able to answer any questions you might have regarding flueing and other installation requirements, as well as provide a full demonstration of our gas stoves before you buy.


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Posted by Dan on December 30, 2019