Where in the room should my stove be positioned?

Where in the room should my stove be positioned?

You may be wondering what your options are for where your stove can be located in your home. Here we answer the question of where in the room your stove can be positioned.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves

Generally, a solid fuel stove or fire can be installed almost anywhere – as long as there is a flue. Additionally, the installation needs to satisfy the requirements of the product, such as distance to combustibles which will be laid out by the manufacturer. Your chimney may dictate where you locate your stove, unless you are having a pre-fabricated flue system installed.

Image: Dovre Zen 102 double-sided cassette wood burning fire

Every property and installation is different, so you will need expert advice from your Approved Expert Retailer, who will consider all the factors in relation to your needs and your property. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste, what budget you have, and how much space is available to you.

Gas log burners

As with solid fuel, a conventional flue gas log burner can be fitted to an existing fireplace and chimney. Alternatively, a fireplace can be constructed with a metal prefabricated flue system.

Image: Dovre 280 Gas Stove

As balanced flue gas stoves vent to an outside wall, these can be installed in locations where there is adequate access to install the flue system to the outside. There are restrictions for installing conventional flue gas fires in bedrooms or bathrooms which your retailer will be able to advise on.

Electric stoves and fires

An electric stove or fire does not require a flue, which makes it very versatile for where it can be positioned in the home. An electric stove is best placed away from windows or doors, as this allows the maximum efficiency from the heater to circulate the warm air around the room.

Image: Dovre 425 Electric Stove

To discuss installing a stove of any of these fuel types in your home, speak to your local retailer today – many of our approved retailers are taking queries via email, phone, or social media.

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Posted by Annabelle on May 11, 2020