Scandinavian Wood Burning Stoves

Scandinavian Wood Burning Stoves

The Scandinavian styled wood burning stove range by Dovre has been built to endure the harshest of arctic winters and has been perfectly crafted with high performance heating to fend off the chill from any home or living space. Below we have listed the top 5 contemporary and traditional Norwegian styled wood burning stoves.

425 Wood Burning Stove

The Dovre 425 has the all the style of a Scandinavian wood burning stove along with the performance to heat any home through the winter months. It comes complete with a riddling grate and is capable of burning a variety of solid fuels or logs. This particular stove has incorporated an Airwash system to help keep the window clean free of debris to give the perfect and continuing views of your stove’s flames.

Sense 203 Wood Burning Stove

The Sense 203 has been crafted with a small body and subtle curving detailing to make for the perfect comfortable fit for your home. The Sense 203 wood burner is a new addition to the growing collection of Dovre’s modern cast iron stoves. This highly efficient wood burning stove has been designed with stunning glass side panels to enhance the flame visuals produced by Dovre’s very latest Cleanburn system.

640WD Wood Burning Stove

The Dovre 640WD wood burner is a medium-sized, cast iron stove that features a side loading door, glass front door and a separate ashpan door. The side stove door allows logs of up to 50cm in length to be loaded into the wood burner and also features a Cleanburn system for improved fuel efficiency. The 640WD wood burner comes with an Airwash system to help keep the glass door of your stove clean.

Vintage 50 Wood Burning Stove

The Dovre Vintage 50 is the largest wood burning stove within the Dovre Vintage range, with a wide landscape window that allows you to enjoy the captivating, rolling flames created by Dovre’s Cleanburn system. Made from cast iron, the Dovre Vintage 50 stove is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, making it the perfect solution for those in busy, urban areas.

This particular stove has a heat output of 9KW with the capacity to heat large rooms and living-spaces with ease.

Bold 300

The Dovre Bold 300 wood burning stove. This stove features a tall firebox with a curved viewing window for the perfect flame viewing; the 300 rests on a four-point stand and is available in a variety of finishes. Generating 7kW of heat, the Bold 300 wood burning stove range features Cleanburn and Airwash technology, which allows it to burn up to an 80% efficiency.

If you find that any of these stove or fires are the one for you, head on over to our Find A Retailer to find your local expert today!

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