Choosing a new stove

Choosing a new stove

You know you want a new log burner, but are not sure where to begin? This simple guide should help you make up your mind for what suits both your home and your lifestyle.

What style do you need?

Is your home a blank canvas, or are you adding a log burner to an existing interior style? If your room already offers simple and modern styling, you might prefer one of the more contemporary log burners from Dovre, such as the Bold 400 wood burning stove. This wood burner offers a strikingly Nordic design, and features a large viewing window for an expansive view of the flames.

Alternatively, if your plan for your home is to opt for a more classic design, a traditional style such as the 425 multi-fuel stove from Dovre makes an ideal solution. It offers all the typical good looks of a traditional log burner, with detailing that continues around its window and up the sides of the stove itself.

What fuel type suits your home?

Now that you have decided on a contemporary log burner or traditional-style stove, the next step is to determine the fuel type you need.

If you have an existing chimney, it is possible you may be able to have a solid fuel stove in your home. Your chimney will be checked by your retailer during a site survey to ensure it is in good condition and suitable for your installation.

If your chimney is in a good state, and you want instant and convenient heat with the looks of a real fire but without the hassle of lighting it, you may want to opt for a conventional flue gas stove. Gas stoves, like the Dovre 280, offer a realistic effect that resembles the wood burning look, but can be switched on or off at the touch of a button.

If you do not have a chimney but would still like a gas model in your home, there are options available to you! The Dovre 280 gas log burner also comes as a balanced flue version – in fact, many gas stoves and fires tend to offer a balanced flue option. This allows you to have a gas appliance in your home but without a chimney. A balanced flue gas fire vents directly through an outside wall using a dual walled pipe. You can find out more about how a balanced flue stove works here.

Alternatively, if you are set on having a wood burner, it may be possible for you to have a flue system installed. Speak to your local retailer about whether this is an option for your home, and find out more about how it works on this useful page about the Stovax Professional XQ flue system.

The simplest option of all, of course, is to opt for an electric model. Electric fires and stoves do not require a chimney to operate, and only need connection to the mains to be able to function.

Speak to your local retailer,

Once you have made your mind up on the design and fuel type you’re looking for in your home, it is essential to speak to your local retailer. They will be able to perform a survey of your home, determine what heat output you require, and assess any specific works that need to be carried out for your installation. You can find your local retailer by clicking here.

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Posted by Annabelle on February 19, 2020