Why Choose a Dovre Cast Iron Electric Stove?

Why Choose a Dovre Cast Iron Electric Stove?

Dovre electric stoves offer the cast iron quality of their solid fuel and gas counterparts. Read on to find out why these stylish electric log burners make a great addition to your home.

When it comes to immediate ambience, instant setup and easy maintenance, nothing beats an electric log stove. Their versatile nature means they can be enjoyed anywhere in the home with a three-pin plug socket, adding comfort and style wherever it’s needed.

Electric stoves don’t produce flue gases like gas stoves and woodburners, so you don’t need to have a working chimney of any kind to be able to enjoy one. This means you can literally start using your new electric stove immediately.

Our Dovre 280 and 425 electric stoves have been designed to be able to display their superb visuals with or without the adjustable 1-2 kW heat output. This means you can enjoy their comforting ambience all year round. They are also a great stove option for adding a focal point to modern high efficiency airtight homes such as Passivhaus dwellings, which may not need additional heat.

Dovre electric stoves come with a remote control to allow you to effortlessly turn on your stove’s flame visuals from the comfort of the sofa. Just kick back and select your favourite setting with our Veriflame technology which gives you three ambient options to choose from.

With 60 years of experience designing and building our cast iron wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, we have honed our craftsmanship and casting techniques to create beautiful designs. To ensure our electric versions are every bit as elegant as our log burners, we use the same castings – so you can be guaranteed your Dovre electric stove will look just as authentic as the real thing.

And if you’re still on the fence about which fuel type to choose, both our Dovre 280 and 425 electric stoves can also be selected in gas versions. The 425 is also available in a wood burning and multi-fuel version and can burn logs or smokeless mineral fuels.

For more information on Dovre electric stoves, contact your local retailer.

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Posted by Dan on October 22, 2019