Brut – A Designer Wood Burning Stove With Advanced Heating Technology

23 Oct

One of the most striking models in the range, the Brut is a designer wood burning stove which couples avant-garde styling with the high quality, solid build that Dovre is known for. Presented in...

Stylish Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves For All Tastes

09 Oct

Designed to heat homes in some of the coldest winters of the world, Dovre cast iron wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are not only manufactured to high tolerances, they are also offered...

Dovre Sense 113

A Sense of Style – Dovre’s Ultra-Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

25 Sep

Pairing ultra-contemporary design with exceptional flame visuals, the cast iron Dovre Sense range is truly a feat of engineering, offering an impressive flame view in a convenient, slimline package. Perfect for adding both...

Wood burning Cassette Fire – Create A Double Impact with the Zen!

13 Aug

The outstanding double-sided wood burning cassette fire, the Dovre Zen 102 combines big impact with compact dimensions. This beautiful wood burning cassette fire allows you to enjoy the rolling flames to maximum...

Dovre 2000 Fireplace

Find Your Fairytale Fireplace this Winter

13 Nov

Fires and fireplaces have a long history, not only functionally but also as a place for the gathering of friends to discuss the events of the day and exchange stories. Dovre produces...