Who should install my Dovre wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

Who should install my Dovre wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

Wood burning stoves not only create an attractive centrepiece in your home but also add a practical and highly efficient heat source. To ensure your stove not only works as intended but is also safe to use, it must be installed by a HETAS registered installer. Read on to find out more.

All new solid fuel stove installations are required to meet Building Regulations standards, so it is important to make sure your stove is installed by a Competent Person such as a HETAS registered installer.

HETAS registered wood burning and multi-fuel stove installers are trained to be able to ensure key requirements are met, such as safe and effective flueing of the stove as well as the correct distances to combustibles around the appliance, among other important considerations.

Chimney and flue Requirements

Should your wood burning or multi-fuel stove be installed into an existing chimney, your HETAS installer will be able to ascertain whether or not a liner is required to remove all combustion products safely from the property. Their checks will involve testing whether the chimney has sufficient draw to create optimum burning conditions for the stove, and also whether the chimney has any leaks that could cause smoke to enter the property.

If your wood burning or multi-fuel stove is being installed with a prefabricated flue system such as the Stovax Professional XQ range, your installer will have the skills and knowledge to ensure the flue system is fitted correctly and provides the right amount of draw for the stove to burn effectively.

Distances to combustibles

When it comes to the installation itself, your HETAS registered installer can also make certain your stove, as well as its flue pipe, complies with minimal distances to combustibles. Due to the high temperatures that wood burning and multi-fuel stoves can reach, they need adequate clearances between them and any nearby combustible materials such as wood and plasterboard. Once fitted, your HETAS installer can self-certify their work and provide you with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate for your records, which will not only be required to validate your Dovre stove’s extended warranty, it may also be needed if you come to sell your property with the stove in situ.

Extended warranty

Having your stove installed by a HETAS accredited installer is a key warranty requirement for many manufacturers. Provided your Dovre stove has been installed by a HETAS accredited professional (and purchased from our Expert Retailer Network) the appliance can be registered for a five year extended warranty, giving you peace of mind your wood burning or multi-fuel stove will provide years of enjoyment.

How do I make sure my stove is installed by a HETAS registered installer?

Your Expert Dovre retailer will be able to organise for the installation of your stove by a HETAS registered installer, who is familiar with Dovre solid fuel products. They can also provide advice on wood burning stoves suitable DEFRA Smoke Control Zones as well as guidance on what size stove is suitable for your home.

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Posted by Dan on October 8, 2020