Creating a Scandinavian Look with a Dovre Log Burner

Creating a Scandinavian Look with a Dovre Log Burner

Centred around minimalism, function, and beauty, the Scandi look has established itself as a timeless, go-to interior style that can work just as well in a Victorian era home as it can in the Nordic homes it originated in. Scandinavian interiors rely on subtle, pared back aesthetics that focus the attention on high quality craftsmanship, making them the perfect setting for a Dovre Nordic styled stove. Read on to discover three stunning stoves that will bring your Scandi lifestyle together with the glow of burning logs.

Be Bold

Few wood burning stoves embody Scandi design as much as the Dovre Bold range. Offered in two styles, these sleek stoves feature a tall, curved aesthetic and can be selected in either the 300 or 400 sizes. Curving with the stove’s sweeping contours, a huge glass viewing panel ensures all focus is given to soaring flame visuals. Bold wood burning stoves can be selected in muted Grey Enamel, Pure White or striking Gloss Black to suit your home.

A Sense of Style

Designed around the concept of a panoramic firebox, the wood burning Dovre Sense grants extraordinary 180 degree visuals due to its combination of front and side windows. Thanks to their slim depth, these innovative wood burning stoves are perfect for Scandi interiors where space is limited, making them a great option for shallow inglenooks or standing flat against a wall. Sense wood burning stoves come in many options including tall and short leg versions as well as a log store model. Each Sense stove is offered in various paint finishes depending on your tastes.

A Rock Solid Choice

Clean lines and refined curves make the Dovre Rock wood burning stove range a natural choice for any Scandinavian style living area. Available in the portrait 350 or landscape 500 models, Dovre Rock stoves have the option of either a tablet or log store base, the latter offering both a stylish and space saving mounting option. A tear drop shaped polished metal handle rounds off this elegant stove range, which is available in a range of monochromatic colourways.

To view these contemporary wood burning stoves in person, contact your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on August 19, 2020