Wood burning stoves – top 5 reasons to buy!

Wood burning stoves – top 5 reasons to buy!

If you are currently thinking of purchasing a wood burning stove for your home, now is the time consider buying one before the start of the next heating season! Here are the top 5 reasons to why you should own a wood burning stove for your home!

1. A range of styles and designs for your wood burning stove

Whether you live in a city apartment or a house in the countryside, Dovre has an extensive range of styles and designs for homeowners to select from. Even homes without a chimney can now install a wood burning stove using Stovax’s fully sealed twin wall flue systems.

For a truly traditional ambiance, you can choose from the compact 250 wood burning stove or for a more grandeur design, the 760WD wood burning stove is an impressive solution. Homeowners wanting to add a modern touch their property can opt from one of Dovre’s selection of contemporary wood burning stoves. Our cast iron Vintage wood burning stove collection provides an impressive visual impact with their compact lines and nostalgic retro style. With ultra-contemporary styling, slim proportions and subtle curves, the Sense range features a stunning stunning, three-sided panoramic display – a perfect high performance heating solution for an eye-catching centrepiece.

Whatever, the style you want, Dovre has a wide range of wood burning stoves to choose from.

2. Summer is a good time to install a wood burning stove

Many homeowners tend to purchase a wood burning stove during the start of the winter months. However, it is advisable to purchase and install one during off peak season. Firstly, retailers tend to be busy during the start of the heating season, so site survey appointments visits may not be readily available during the busy winter period. Secondly, the more popular stoves tend to become out of stock.

If you have an existing chimney, it is recommended to have this swept before installation of your stove and you are again more likely to have an appointment during the summer months.

Many retailers also have summer sales or promotions in the summer so you may get an even better deal on your new wood burning stove. Why not visit your local Dovre retailer now for more information on this!

3. A Range of Ecodesign Ready Wood burning stoves Available

The recent media hype about wood burning stoves have caused confusion amongst homeowners. The Government’s Clean Air Strategy Act will ensure that the cleanest stoves are available only for sale by 2022. Dovre is proud to support the Government’s Clean Air Strategy Directive. All Dovre are Ecodesign Ready which means they meet the proposed 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards. These low emission products produce minimal levels of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx)
organic gaseous compounds (OGCs) and particulates (PMs).

Find out more information about Ecodesign stoves. You can also read our blog about our top 5 Dovre Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves.

4. DEFRA Approved Wood burning stoves

To tackle the growing domestic and industry pollution in many towns and cities, the government introduced the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968. If you live in a Smoke Control Zone, you are only allowed to emit smoke from a chimney using an exempt appliance often referred to as DEFRA Approved and burn a list of authorised fuels.

Dovre has a wide selection of DEFRA approved stoves.

5. Wood burning stoves are suitable for use in properties without a chimney.

Using the Stovax Professional XQ system, homes without a chimney are now able to enjoy the benefits of owning a wood burning stove. It also makes it possible for stoves to be positioned in unusual or conventional spaces using this easy to install flue system as it can be installed either through a wall, or internally, in your property. This watertight and waterproof flue system is made from high grade stainless steel and comes in a choice of 450 colour choices to suit your preference.

Why not visit your local Dovre retailer to find out more information about Dovre’s latest wood burning stoves?

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