Get a Sense of Dovre’s New Range of Wood burning Stoves

Get a Sense of Dovre’s New Range of Wood burning Stoves

Looking for a stove that’s a little out of the ordinary? Well your search is over with the arrival of the new Dovre Sense range of contemporary wood burning stoves!

This exciting range of high efficiency cast iron stoves is now available from your local Dovre retailer.

There are two leg-mounted versions of the Dovre Sense, the Dovre Sense 100 and the Dovre Sense 103. Both magnificent stoves benefit from elegant legs and subtly curving details, but the Dovre Sense 103 also has glass side windows, providing panoramic 180˚ views of the flames

Or for a different look, why not opt for a box-mounted version? The Dovre Sense 200 is a striking model with an ultra-slim firebox, offering maximum style with compact dimensions, while the Dovre Sense 203 offers the same slim features with the additional glass side windows.

Each stove in the Dovre Sense range is available in a choice of three colour options; Matt Black, Gloss Black and White Enamel, giving you the ability to choose a finish that suits your decor. Any of the Dovre Sense models can be the perfect match for traditional and contemporary interiors alike, with their different styles and colour options.

As well as demonstrating exceptional, eye-catching designs, the Dovre Sense also incorporates cutting-edge technology and a unique, user-friendly opening system. Innovative Cleanburn technology introduces hot air into the firebox just above the normal height of the fire, allowing the combustion of unburned hydrocarbons in the smoke stream. This provides a cleaner burn, with less soot particles going up the chimney, and also allows you to enjoy even more flames. The Dovre Sense also employs Airwash, a feature that uses vents to draw in air from the outside of the stove to wash over the inside of the glass, helping to keep the glass clean. When used with the optional Smoke Control Kit, the Dovre Sense is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.

The Dovre Sense range is perfect for those who enjoy an innovative and less conventional stove design. For more information on this fantastic new product, contact your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on July 14, 2014