Dovre’s Top 5 wood burning stoves

Dovre’s Top 5 wood burning stoves

A wood burning stove creates the perfect ambiance on a cold winter's day. Your local retailer should be able to guide you on the important areas to consider before purchasing a woodburner.

With over 60 years of crafting innovative experience, Dovre – named after the beautiful but enduring Norwegian mountain range – has a wide selection of high performance heating products built for the harshest Arctic winters. You can choose from traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves to suit a range of homes.

We have a listed our top 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

1. 250 wood burning and multi-fuel stove

Designed to suit a huge range of applications from a cottage kitchen to a modern town house living room, the traditional Dovre 250 wood burning and multi-fuel stove is DEFRA approved which mean it is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. It is also an Ecodesign Ready stove which means it features next generation combustion technology and advanced engineering that reduces smoke emission to 80% less than a 10 year old appliance.

With its large glass door panel and ornately cast side panels, this woodburner is also equipped with an Airwash system to keep the door glass cleaner.

2. Sense 203 wood burning stove

Featuring stunning glass side panels to emphasise the exceptional swirling flames, the highly efficient Sense 203 wood burning stove is a great addition to Dovre’s growing contemporary cast iron stove range. Its compact and subtle curving details offers a big style statement to many homeowners. If you are looking for a stove to fit in a less conventional space, this woodburner is the perfect solution for your home.

3. 225 wood burning stove

The Dovre 225 features a square firebox, subtle curving details and compact dimensions. With a 1950s inspired design, unique detailing and stylish Anthracite finish, this versatile woodburner provides an excellent view of the flame picture through its glass window.

Incorporating the latest Airwash system, this stunning wood burning stove offers style and quality in equal measure.

4. Vintage 30 wood burning stove

With its compact lines and nostalgic retro style, the Dovre Vintage 30 is a stove that will always make a big impact. This vintage inspired cast iron stove is available in a choice of finishes and to increase the visual impact, there is an option for table stand as an alternative to its four cylindrical legs.

This wood burning stove is suitable as a DEFRA approved stove for Smoke Control Areas and is also Ecodesign Ready.

5. Rock 500 wood burning stove

With a heat output of up to 9kW, this large format cast iron stove is sure to impress. The versatile Dovre Rock 500 wood burning stove features a rounded cast iron exterior and creates an eye-catching focal point with its superb landscape flame view.

There is an option to select either a legged, tablet or a wood base model to suit your own taste.

You can download the latest Dovre brochure. If you want to find out more information, please visit your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on April 25, 2019