The dovre difference...

Cast Iron Stoves & Fireplaces

Named after the beautiful but enduring Norwegian mountain range our wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces come from 60 years’ experience crafting innovative, high performance heating products built for the harshest Arctic winters.

Built to last Scandinavian winters, you can rely on premium quality, cast iron Dovre fireplaces, stoves and accessories.

In fact, Dovre's manufacturing expertise with premium grade cast iron is such that all cast parts on their stoves and fireplaces come with a 5 year guarantee. With expertly crafted wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves as well as highly convenient gas and electric models, there is a Dovre for every home.

The Dovre range...

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Traditional Wood
& Multi-fuel Stoves

A comprehensive collection of classically designed stoves, incorporating the atmosphere of a real log or smokeless fuelled fire.

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Contemporary Wood
& Multi-fuel Stoves

Dovre's contemporary stove range is suited to homeowners looking to incorporate a stove into a living space with a modern look.

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Contemporary Wood
Burning Cassette

Our selection of impressive contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel fireplaces will add a new dimension to your home.

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& Canopied Fireplaces

Wood and multi-fuel fireplaces can be built either into a fireplace or combined with optional canopies to create a stunning centrepiece.

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Gas Stoves

Each Dovre gas fire benefits from the latest optional remote control systems that allow complete control from the comfort of your sofa.

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Electric Stoves

These electric stoves boast glow and flame effects, individually hand painted logs and remote control.


Cast Iron Performance...

... made in our foundry, our wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces are cast with absolute precision for exceptional heating performance.

Each of our stoves and fires begins its life in our foundry. Firing at up to 1500°C, furnaces melt down the raw materials to make high quality cast iron for our products. Moulded with absolute precision for strength and longevity, the cast iron used in Dovre products has excellent durability and thermal qualities. Radiating heat long after the fire has died, our cast iron stoves and fires retain their shape even after years of use. Thanks to its versatile nature, cast iron can be crafted into a huge variety of shapes and textures, bringing beauty and presence to your interior whether traditional or contemporary. Whatever your choice - wood burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric – your cast iron Dovre stove or fireplace will be built to the uncompromising standards you would expect from our Scandinavian heritage.

Astroline 4

Warranty Information

Five Year Warranty

Dovre products are only available from Expert Independent Retailers who will ensure your stove or fire is both appropriate for your home and fitted correctly. Your Dovre retailer will provide you with a Five Year Warranty for your new stove’s castings and a Two Year Warranty on steel parts and gas and electric ‘engines’ used in stoves and fires.

SIA Ecodesign

Air Quality Standards

Some Dovre wood and multi-fuel stoves burn so cleanly, they meet proposed 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards. These low emission products produce minimal levels of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx) organic gaseous compounds (OGCs) and particulates (PMs), and are HETAS accredited as SIA Ecodesign Ready.

Eco-friendly heating

Clean Burn

Cleanburn is a system by which hot air is introduced into the firebox just above the normal height of the fire. This allows the combustion of unburned hydrocarbons in the smoke stream.


High Efficiency

All solid-fuel models burn wood or multi-fuel with outstanding efficiency, and are rated as either A or A+ energy class appliances according to European energy labelling standards.

Urban Area Approved

Smoke Control

Our eco-focused approach to stove and fire design means that many models are suitable for burning wood in urban areas.


Accessories & Stove Care

Care of your Stove or Fireplace

To help you get the best performance from your stove or fireplace and keep it in good condition, inside and out, Stovax (Dovre’s distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland) offers a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products. Stovax also supplies a wide variety of fireplace accessories. Your Dovre retailer will be able to give you full details or you may view the complete range here.

Fireplace, Stove and Hearth Accessories

Fireplace, Stove and Hearth Accessories

An outstanding selection of fireplace and stove tools. Expertly crafted with a variety of styling options and available in wrought iron, black, brass and chrome finishes, this exquisite range of accessories comprises individual tools alongside complete companion sets. There are also a number of classically designed pails, scuttles and holders for your coals, logs and kindling – functional and stylish accompaniments to your Dovre stove or fireplace.

Fire Screens and HearthGate

Stovax offers a wide range of fire screens that combine looks with practicality. Whether your Dovre appliance is traditional or contemporary in styling, you can find a fire screen that not only complements your stove or fire, but also helps keep you safe. Available in an array of designs and materials, including glass, black steel and brass plated, these fire screens are the perfect companion for your Dovre fire or stove.

Contemporary Fire Tools and Steel Log Holders

Contemporary Fire Tools and Steel Log Holders

For more modern interiors, Stovax has developed a range of contemporary fire tools and log holders, that are both sturdy and attractive. These minimalist accessories offer a superb pairing to Dovre’s range of contemporary stoves such as the Vintage, Sense and Astroline stoves.

Professional XQ™

Professional XQ™ Chimney Systems

For homes without a chimney!

Stovax (Dovre’s distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland) also offers a comprehensive range of stove and fireplace chimney systems, the Stovax Professional XQ™ collection. Crafted from 304L grade stainless steel for a durable outer finish, the fully sealed components offer water tight protection for the insulation within. With innovative decorative options, the ability to specify a colour for your system and with a host of technical advancements such as their Twist-Lock system, the Professional XQ™ range provides an attractive, versatile and reliable solution for your flue system. Furthermore, the Professional XQ™ range carries a 10 year conditional warranty offering complete peace of mind.