Top 5 Dovre Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves!

Top 5 Dovre Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves!

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary stove, Dovre has a wide selection of Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves to choose from. We have listed our top 5 Dovre Ecodesign Ready stoves, should you be looking to install one in your home.

What is an Ecodesign Ready Stove?

Ecodesign Ready stoves represent the future of wood burning. Supporting the Government’s Clean Air Strategy, these advanced stoves burn so cleanly they meet, and in many cases even exceed, 2022 air quality and efficiency targets. Find out more about Ecodesign.

1. 225 Wood burning Stove

This unique Ecodesign Ready wood burning stove incorporates a 1950’s inspired design and subtle curving details. With a powerful heat output of up to 7kW, this compact yet versatile stove provides an excellent view of the flames through its glass window.

Find out information about the 225 Wood burning Stove.

2. Bold 400 Wood burning stove

Featuring a tall firebox and expansive viewing window, this Ecodesign Ready wood burning stove offers a stunning flame picture thanks to its powerful Airwash technology. Made from cast iron, this stove is available in Black, Pure White Enamel or Grey Enamel.

Find out information about the Bold 400 Wood burning stove.

3. Vintage 35 Wood burning stove

This highly distinctive Ecodesign Ready stove incorporates a contemporary design which echoes the smooth, distinctive style of appliances from the ’50s and ’60s. With state of the art Cleanburn technology and Airwash system, this vintage inspired wood burning stove is available in a choice of sophisticated finishes.

Find out information about the Vintage 35 Wood burning stove.

4. 250 Wood burning stove

If you are looking to install a woodburner in your cottage kitchen or a modern town house, this Ecodesign Ready stove is designed to suit a range of homes. With a large glass door panel and ornately cast side panels, this traditional looking stove is equipped with sophisticated Airwash system to keep the door glass cleaner. This cast iron stove is also approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

Find out information about the 250 Wood burning stove.

5. Sense 113 Wood burning stove

With its slim proportions and ultra-contemporary styling, this compact Ecodesign Ready wood burning stove is perfect for a wide range of freestanding and inglenook installations. Available in Matt Black or Pure White enamel finishes, the Dovre Sense 113 log burner offers a generous heat output of up to 4.9kW.

Find out information about the Sense 113 Wood burning stove.

For more information about our Ecodesign Ready stoves, please visit your local Dovre retailer.

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