Why choose an electric stove?

Why choose an electric stove?

Electric stoves are ultra convenient, offering a quick and easy installation. Here are the reasons to choose a cast iron electric stove from Dovre.

Does not require a chimney

A Dovre electric stove only requires a standard 13amp socket to be able to function, making this an ideal option for homes that do not have a chimney.

Can be operated without heat

Part of the whole experience of having a log burner is the way it looks, and how it adds a homely and cosy ambience to a room. If you want to be able to have this same experience in summer, an electric stove offers the option of displaying the realistic visuals without any heat, making for a calming experience all year round.

Can be moved from room to room

As a Dovre electric stove only needs connection to the mains, your electric stove can be moved from room to room, or indeed if you are moving house it can come with you. It is safe to use in most locations around the home, even adding a focal point to a conservatory. Be sure to check the instruction manual for information on any rooms that the stove cannot be situated in.

There are two cast iron electric stoves from Dovre to choose from – the smaller 280, and the larger 425. Both of these electric stoves are available in gas versions, and the 425 is also available as a multi-fuel or wood burning model.

Get in touch with your local retailer to find out more.

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Posted by Annabelle on June 13, 2019