Dovre Electric Stoves: Modern Technology with Traditional Appeal

Dovre Electric Stoves: Modern Technology with Traditional Appeal

The Dovre 280 Electric Stove and 425 Electric Stove combine classic design with ultimate convenience.

Manufactured in cast iron, these electric stoves have all the appeal of a traditionally-styled solid fuel stove, but there is no need for a hearth or a flue. With a Dovre Electric Stove you can simply plug into a conventional 13amp plug socket and enjoy your stove in almost any room.

Dovre’s Electric Stoves offer incredible flame visuals with three flame brightness settings. The VeriFlame™ technology that creates such stunning visuals is complemented by a hand painted log-effect fuel bed and reflective interior side panels that ensure the flames appear realistic from all angles.

You can even enjoy your flames without the 1-2kW heat output, so you can benefit from the ambiance of a stove all year round. Not only that, but you can also control your electric stove settings with one, easy-to-use remote control, allowing you to operate your stove from the comfort of your sofa. To top it all off, Dovre electric stoves have high efficiencies of up to 99%.

To find out more about the Dovre 280 and 425 Electric Stoves, contact your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on August 26, 2014