Look to the Future with Dovre’s Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

Look to the Future with Dovre’s Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves have been heating our homes for centuries and continue to be incredibly popular, in part due to the environmental benefits of wood burning.

Dovre manufactures all of their stoves in cast iron, a material traditionally used for stoves due to the way it diffuses warmth. But a traditional material doesn’t have to mean a traditional stove; Dovre offers three ranges of contemporary wood burning stoves that can offer a unique focal point for your home.

The Vintage Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves take their inspiration from the 1960s and 70s, offering that nostalgic retro style that is right on-trend. Available in three sizes, the 30, 35 and 50, the Vintage Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves can suit a range of homes, with the compact lines of the 30, or the wide, landscape window of the 50. Available in Anthracite or White Enamel finish, the stoves can be provided with cylindrical legs to match the finish, or a tablet stand for a big style statement.

Taking the design of cast iron stoves into the 21st century, Dovre’s Astroline Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves are an asset to any living space. The Astroline 2CB, for example, has superb modern styling and is offered in a leg-mounted, pedestal or wood store version, providing you with the flexibility to create the look you desire.

Dovre’s range of contemporary wood burning stoves’ most recent addition is the Dovre Sense. This exceptional stove has a variety of styling options, with two leg-mounted versions, the Dovre Sense 100 and the Sense 103 and two box-mounted versions, the Sense 200 and 203. What’s more, the Sense 103 and 203 both have glass side windows to provide panoramic 180˚ views of the flames. The Sense is available in three different colours to suit your interior tastes, Matt Black, Gloss Black and White Enamel.

Each one of Dovre’s Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves is highly efficient, with many stoves offering efficiencies of over 80%. The stoves use modern technology such as Cleanburn and Airwash to keep give you a more efficient burn and a better view of the flames. All of the Vintage and Sense stoves are approved to burn in Smoke Control Areas when used with the optional Smoke Control Kits.

If you would like more information on Dovre’s Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves, contact your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on August 19, 2014