Say “no” to idle inglenooks with a Dovre fireplace

Say “no” to idle inglenooks with a Dovre fireplace

Whether you have decided to update your current fire, or settled on finding an effective way to use an empty space, deciding what to do with an existing fireplace or inglenook can be a hard task.

With over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing fireplaces, Dovre can offer you a perfect solution to this problem. Dovre produces a range of intelligently crafted cast iron fireplaces that can transform an unused fireplace opening or dated fireplace into a beautiful and efficient focal point for your home. Whether you wish to opt for a wood burning or multi-fuel fire, you can trust Dovre to provide an option for you.

Each aesthetically pleasing model can be customised to match the look you desire. Dovre fireplaces can be offered with a canopy, a base plinth and side panels to create an attractive feature in smaller inglenooks. Alternatively each model can be made into a built-in fireplace, allowing you to craft your fireplace to suit your style, whilst making use of an unused space.

Canopies can add stature to the fireplace if required, with multiple heights available to adapt your desired look, and side panels can also be fitted in freestanding installations where the appliance’s sides may be exposed to view such as in wider inglenooks, lending the fireplace a smart finish. Innovative optional Dovre plinths can not only enhance the visual appearance of your fireplace, but are also designed to improve convection.

Dovre fireplaces have truly impressive heat outputs, ranging from 8kW to 11kW. Many of the models are suitable for use with a room heating convection system, ensuring they meet and exceed your heating needs. There is no compromise when it comes to efficiency too, reaching up to 80% on the 1800 Multi-Fuel Fireplace. The 1800 is ideal for smaller inglenooks and fireplace openings, with slimmer dimensions than other models.

For a more contemporary feel, the 2400CB offers a simple design with a variety of optional adaptations. The standard model features attractive bi-fold doors with four windows, whilst the Panorama version has just one large, stylishly curved, window with an uninterrupted view of the flames.

With its classic detailing, the 2700 has a great heat output of 10kW. When in a fireplace setting, you can use the special convection chamber to duct warm air to outlet grilles above the fireplace, or even distribute it to other parts of your home. Not only that, but the 2700 allows you to enjoy your fire with open doors for an authentic feel, or with closed doors for a slower, more efficient combustion.

So say “no” to idle inglenooks and cast-aside chimneys and say “yes” to a characterful centrepiece for your home. To find out more please contact your local Dovre retailer.

2 responses to “Say “no” to idle inglenooks with a Dovre fireplace”

  1. Janet Hackett says:

    Dovre 1800 – can this be supplied without the canopy?

    J Hackett

    • Alex says:

      Hi Janet, thanks for your message. I am afraid we don’t supply the Dovre 1800 without a canopy, however you can choose from two styles : Medium 1800 Canopy or Tall 1800 Canopy. Hope this helps.

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Posted by Dan on June 12, 2014