Find Your Fairytale Fireplace this Winter

Find Your Fairytale Fireplace this Winter

Fires and fireplaces have a long history, not only functionally but also as a place for the gathering of friends to discuss the events of the day and exchange stories.

Dovre produces cast iron fireplaces that are built to withstand the harshest of Arctic winters, for those polar nights when there’s nothing more comforting than the heat and light of a fire; so if you are considering an update to an existing fireplace or bringing a disused inglenook back to life, why not choose a Dovre fire?

Opting for a Dovre cast iron fireplace takes away the issues sometimes associated with an open fire, such as inefficiency, smoke and sparks. Although they can be used with their glass doors open, keeping them closed ensures plenty of warmth, giving efficiencies of up to 80%.

With both wood burning and multi-fuel options available, it is easy to find a fireplace to suit your needs. Wood is a carbon-neutral energy source that is also sustainable, when derived from plantations and cultivated woodland, and if you are a small holder or landowner you can gather your own logs and your fuel could even be free! Multi-fuel models allow you to burn fuels approved to burn in Smoke Control Areas, so even those with urban homes can enjoy a fire.

Dovre fireplaces can be offered with a canopy, a base plinth and side panels to create an attractive feature in smaller inglenooks, alternatively each model can be made into a built-in fireplace, allowing you to craft your fireplace to suit your style whilst making use of an unused space. Whatever style you choose before you know it your home can feel like a cottage in a forest.

The Dovre 2000 multi-fuel fireplace and the 2700 wood burning fireplace do even more to show the connection between fire and story, as the high-quality inner castings show an intricate depiction of the tale of the Billy Goats Gruff, a famous Norwegian fairytale. With an impressive heat output of up to 11kW and the option to use a room heating convection system to make the most of these high outputs, it’s easy to live happily ever after with these fires!

However, if you have more modern tastes, Dovre still has a lot to offer. The 2400CB has a simple design but with a variety of optional adaptations that can transform the fire. The standard model features attractive bi-fold doors with four windows, whilst the Panorama version has just one large, stylishly curved window with an uninterrupted view of the enchanting flames.

Whether you live in a castle or cottage, or anything in between, you can find a Dovre fireplace to bring that extra sprinkle of magic to your home this winter. Begin your search with your local Dovre retailer and you will soon be swapping your own tales around your homely new addition.

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Posted by Dan on November 13, 2014