Looking for a traditional woodburner?

Looking for a traditional woodburner?

Inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries, traditional interiors include design elements such as classic art, antiques and pieces with history. Whether you are looking for a wood burning, gas or electric stove, homes can choose from one of Dovre's traditional woodburners.

1.Dovre 425 Wood burning and Multi-fuel Stove

With spectacular views of the flames, the Dovre 425 wood burning stove comes with a riddling grate and is capable of burning a variety of solid fuels or logs. This Ecodesign Ready stove has the style and performance to bring a warming glow to many homes.

2.Dovre 280 Gas Stove

With highly realistic flames, the Dovre 280 gas stove features the latest gas flame technology. It has a choice of remote controls to allow you to adjust the flame effect and heat output.

3.Dovre 280 Electric Stove

If you do not have a chimney or want to simply plug in your woodburner, the Dovre 280 electric stove is the perfect solution. Once plugged in, you can simply use the remote control to turn it off or on, adjust the heat settings and select from the brightness levels.

This traditional electric wood burner has exceptionally realistic and hand painted fuel bed and logs.

Now is the perfect time to start looking for a woodburner before the start of the autumn season. If you visit your local Dovre retailer, they can provide you with some recommendations on the most suitable traditional stove for your home.

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Posted by Dan on July 4, 2019