How to choose the best wood for your woodburner

How to choose the best wood for your woodburner

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at a series of blogs on the topic of choosing, drying and burning logs. This week we will address the benefits of burning wood and understand the best way to choose logs.

Why choose wood?

People are choosing to burn wood as it is better in environmental terms as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. It is also a renewable resource, particularly when derived from plantations and cultivated woodland. Well-managed woodlands improve biodiversity, support jobs in the forestry industry and of course ensure that there is enough timber to meet the future demands in years to come.

Choosing logs for your woodburner

Below are some significant factors to consider when choosing wood:

Moisture content– Any water present in the timber has to evaporate away before the wood will burn efficiently. To identify well seasoned wood, their radial cracks and bark should easily come off. You have the option to buy dry wood or green logs (if you decide to dry them yourselves).

Wood density– A seller will let you know the type of logs you are buying. Two types to look out for are:

Hardwoods – deciduous broadleaved tree species.
Softwoods – evergreen, coniferous species.

Hardwood logs are much denser in comparison to softwoods. A tonne of hardwood logs will occupy a smaller space in comparison to a tonne of softwood logs and the denser the wood, the longer it will burn meaning less topping up required for your woodburner.

Visit to watch a video on how to identify good firewood for your home. The video will help you identify the right type of wood to burn in your appliance, the best way to store it and the many benefits of woodburning.

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Posted by Dan on February 27, 2013