Electric Stoves Tailored to your Home

Electric Stoves Tailored to your Home

With cooler weather fast approaching, the aesthetic allure of life in a listed house may quickly become compromised as rooms that were comfortable throughout the summer are transformed into unwelcoming spaces that are chilled and damp: hardly an incentive to get out of bed in the mornings.

Restrictions to changing exterior and interior features in a listed property can often make it very difficult to tackle the problem of heating – both its efficacy and efficiency. Resorting to electric heating appliances for a quick and simple solution to this problem is sensible but the addition of clunky storage heaters into your historic rooms will undoubtedly be purely practical and at the sacrifice of your home’s interior style.

Luckily, there is a rise in the design integrity of electric stoves coming onto the market via manufacturers who’ve invested not only in the look of their products but the technology which underpins them. The result is a much better choice of pleasing appliances that you won’t feel obliged to apologise for, rather from which you will gain a useful heat source that blends into your home effortlessly.

Electric stoves frequently feature the same sturdy cast iron body as their traditional woodburner equivalents. Cast iron diffuses warmth making it the perfect material for stoves and ensuring its long association with this product. It is also capable of being cast more thickly where required and into intricate patterns for a decorative finish.

Internally however, the nod to tradition gives way to the modern with innovative and cutting edge flame effect technology. The fuel effects are becoming increasingly realistic; some are hand painted and most depict wood logs complete with glowing ashes and embers. So called ‘Veriflame™’ technology allows the flame effect to be varied from low to high and often includes a blue option for an altogether different feel. Should you wish, the flame effect can frequently be employed without the heat output to give atmospheric visuals on warmer evenings.

In terms of heat, electric stoves tend to offer a range of temperature settings and emit up to 2kW which should be more than enough to provide warmth to a bedroom or the corner of a popular gathering point. In fact all you need is an electricity socket and a quick switch of a button on the remote control to ‘fire’ an electric stove up: the beauty of electric being that once it is switched on, it begins to make a difference straight away. This ability to quickly provide localised heat as well as the 99% efficiency rating means you will be able to make use of your electric stove when and where you most need it. Targeting the heat output is sensible and in light of rising energy bills, electric stoves used in this way are an attractive prospect that can take the edge of your utility bill as well as the nip in the air.

Whether inserted into an existing fireplace or located ‘freestanding’ in the room, an electric stove does not need a flue or installation of any kind: simply make your purchase, choose your spot, plug it in and enjoy the instantly created cosy atmosphere.

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Posted by Dan on May 6, 2016