Unique wood burners from Dovre

Unique wood burners from Dovre

As consumers focus on turning to low carbon heating solutions, stove manufacturing companies have seen an increase in sales of wood burners.

Wood as a fuel is considered carbon neutral as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. Within the last decade, the technological advancements of wood burners have also increased significantly.

Homeowners looking for highly efficient wood burners made by a highly reputable stove manufacturer will be impressed by Dovre. With more than 80 years of manufacturing experience, Dovre wood burners live up to their name that stands for quality and sturdiness and their rock-solid reputation for heating technology has produced an extensive selection of uniquely different wood burners.

Known for its severe winters, Dovre has produced high quality cast iron wood burners fit for the harshest of the Artic winters. With cast iron guaranteeing the durability of your appliance, the rigidity and high temperature resistance of cast iron makes it an ideal heat conductor.

Versatile yet powerful, these exceptionally unique wood burners come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your room. The Dovre 4CB wood burner features an extensive front window and glass side panels, creating a bigger impact in rooms of larger proportions. With a choice of a pedestal or wood store bases, the elevation of the wood burner means that the exceptional swirling flames produced by Dovre’s very latest Cleanburn technology can be enjoyed fully. Cleanburn improves heat production and provides cleaner and environmentally-friendly combustion.

If you are looking for something more unusual in style, the eye-catching Vintage wood burners capture the smooth, distinctive style of appliances from the 1960s and ‘70s. Available in 3 sizes, all Vintage wood burners produce beautiful rolling flame pictures viewable from their large windows, kept clean by the integrated Airwash technology. This system allows air to be taken in and drawn over the inside of the window to keep the glass clean and clear. Suitable for a variety of rooms, all Vintage models are a distinctive creation from Dovre.

Whatever the style of wood burner you choose, you can be sure that your Dovre appliance is beautifully designed, reliable and built to uncompromising standards as you would expect from our Scandinavian heritage.

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Posted by Dan on February 12, 2014