Spring cleaning your Dovre stove

Spring cleaning your Dovre stove

Spring is a great time for home updates. Whether you are renovating, decorating, or simply giving your house a deep clean, your stove or fire also needs maintenance. Here is a quick guide to help you service your wood burning stove, gas fire, or electric log burner. Your instruction manual will give you more detail on how to maintain your appliance, but for now, a basic guide will help.

Wood burning stove maintenance

Your Dovre wood burning stove will need to be stripped and cleaned each year after a long period of use.

The first thing you need to do is clean the inside of the firebox. To do this, make sure the stove or fire is completely cool. Remove all of the ash, and ensure that finer particles are vacuumed away. You can find products designed specifically for cleaning fires and wood burning stoves, such as the Stovax Motorised Ashclean which makes it easier to get into difficult spots.

After you have cleaned the firebox, check the firebricks for damage and clean using a soft brush. Any broken firebricks will need to be replaced.

Once you have checked the firebricks, now look at the door of your wood burning stove. Carefully assess for damage. If the glass is not damaged it can be cleaned thoroughly with glass cleaner. Choose the right kind of glass cleaner for your door, as printed glass requires different cleaner than plain door glass. If the glass is damaged, you will need to replace this.

It is also important to check your door rope seal for any signs of wear and replace if required.

Gas stove maintenance

If you own a gas stove or fire, this will also need to be serviced. Using your instruction manual, clean the door glass carefully.

We highly recommend booking a registered gas service engineer who will be able to check the safety of your gas stove and will also be able to perform a service.

A full list of qualified engineers can be found on the Gas Safe website.

Electric stove maintenance

Electric log burners are easy to clean and normally involve simply cleaning the fuel effects and any air inlets and outlets. By dusting your appliance, you will be able to maintain the best efficiency and heat output from your electric fire.

Your local retailer will be able to help with any servicing and maintenance questions you may have. Be sure to also check out our useful article about maintaining your chimney.

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