Attractive Accessories for your Dovre Stove

Attractive Accessories for your Dovre Stove

Whichever Dovre appliance you select from the impressive wood burning and multi-fuel stove range, a well-chosen accessory can provide just the finishing touch your stove requires.

Stovax, Dovre’s distributor in the UK and Republic of Ireland) offers a wide range of stove accessories that can help you ensure your appliance remains as attractive and efficient as possible.

Accessories can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fire tools and sets not only look fantastic when placed next to a stove, they are also highly practical. Sets will include useful stove accessories such as shovels, brushes and log turners. Stovax offers a great range of fire tools in classic and contemporary finishes such as wrought iron, black, brass, chrome and stainless steel. You can choose between individual tools or from tool sets with attractive complementary holders.

Another useful stove accessory is the log store. From woven baskets to contemporary steel designs, there are a range of log stores on offer to suit your tastes and needs. If you want to move heavy loads quickly and easily, then a Wheeled Log Store could be the perfect choice for you. For a more traditional look, opt for one of the classically designed pails, scuttles and holders for your coals, logs and kindling. Whether you wish to pair your Astroline 2CB wood burning stove with the contemporary feel of the triangular black log holder or your 425 stove with a black and brass scuttle for an authentic look, you can find a log holder that suits your stove.

Keeping your stove or fireplace in good condition is the best way to ensure continued performance. Investing in an ash removal tool such as a shovel, brush, ashpan or ash caddy will help you keep your stove in good working order. It is important to clean your stoves with the correct maintenance products and accessories as using unsuitable products can cause damage to the stove. For more advice about the products needed to keep your stove clean, read ‘Everything You Need to Care for Your Wood Burning Appliance’ on the Stovax blog.

To find out more about the range of accessories available to complement your Dovre fire or stove, contact your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on July 18, 2014