No Chimney? No problem for Dovre stoves

No Chimney? No problem for Dovre stoves

Many people assume that because their home doesn’t have a chimney, a stove is out of the question.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you opt for a wood burning stove, gas stove or electric stove, all can be installed almost anywhere.

Wood burning stoves

Maybe you want to add a wood burning or multi-fuel stove to a flat roof extension, or perhaps you live in a modern home without a chimney. Whatever the situation, Stovax’s Professional XQ flue system is almost certainly the answer.

Stovax Professional XQ creates a prefabricated chimney system for your Dovre stove, constructed from high quality stainless steel components with a 10-year guarantee. This innovative chimney system can be installed to pass through the ceiling above the stove and exit through the roof of your property. Alternatively the flue system can be mounted on the outside of the property to minimise building work. And with over 450 colour choices you can ensure your flue system matches any requirements of local planning authorities. Easy-to-use flue design software and twist-lock components cut down installation time.

Gas stoves

Dovre gas stoves such as the 280 and 425 can be selected in models specifically designed for homes without a chimney. These balanced flue gas stoves are installed with a twin walled flue with the inner pipe expelling combustion gases and the outer taking in combustion air for the stove. This type of flue system can simply exit through the exterior wall behind the stove and is finished with a terminal, if required.

Electric stoves

If any kind of chimney is out of the question, or if you are looking for ultimate ease, a Dovre electric stove makes a great choice. These highly realistic electric log burners need nothing more  than a three pin plug socket to provide cosy ambiance wherever they are located. And thanks to their versatility, you can position them in places you might not have considered adding a stove – such as a hallway, bedroom or study!

For more information on our wood burning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, visit your local retailer.


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Posted by Dan on July 31, 2019