New Dovre multi-fuel and wood stoves available

New Dovre multi-fuel and wood stoves available

The Dovre 225 and Dovre 525 are the newest additions to Dovre’s range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves.

Inspired by the look of the 50s, these high efficiency stoves feature a simple, distinctive firebox together with elegant legs and striking designer door handle.

The Dovre 225 is a compact yet powerful stove that has a heat output of up to 4.6kW whilst its larger counterpart, the Dovre 525 stove, offers a heat output of up to 8kW. With an all cast iron construction and Anthracite finish, both Dovre stoves are available as either wood burning or multi-fuel options and integrate air wash and clean burn systems.

The Dovre 225 and 525 combine the best of the past with the technological advancements of the present.

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Posted by Dan on November 12, 2012