Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires – the difference!

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires – the difference!

The lure of a wood burning or multi-fuel appliance is hard to deny. It can provide an eye-catching centrepiece for the home; an efficient heating system and a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Many stoves and fires are designed to burn smokeless fuels, peat/turf briquettes and logs as multi-fuel appliances. Multi-fuel stoves and fires are built with a riddling grate. This allows for the ash created during combustion to fall away from the fuel and disperse into an ashpan from which it can be emptied by hand with ease prior to refuelling.

Conversely, designated wood burning stoves and fires are designed with a fixed grate and a flat base. This is because wood burns more effectively when it is sitting on a bed of ashes and fresh logs are placed on top to fuel the fire. The air flow over the top of the logs facilitates the combustion process. In terms of efficiency and heat generation, wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires can be quite similar in heat output so your choice of fuel type is predominantly going to be determined by personal preference and your fuel accessibility. Wood burning also has multi-faceted benefits. In terms of aesthetics, burning logs can give an outstanding visual effect as the flames from burning wood can be particularly beautiful.

Wood, as a source of energy is considered to be carbon neutral. By absorbing carbon dioxide during growth, any released when the fuel is burning is simply replacing what has roughly already been removed, thereby helping to create a balance. It is also worth noting that during the decomposition process, wood will release carbon dioxide as it rots so it is useful to make the most of this energy and reap the rewards! When buying wood or using your own, make sure it has been seasoned for 2 years or more to achieve a moisture content below 20%. This will not only give a higher output than that of freshly timber but help avoid a build up of tar in your flue.

Buying wood from a reliable source is imperative to the idea of sustainability as woodland must be well managed to maintain the supply and keep this balance long into the future. If you have land at your disposal and you are so inclined, it may be worth while investing in your own coppice. Beech and Ash are considered the firewood of choice for fires due to their capacity to give bright and beautiful flames.

So, once you’ve decided which fuel type is best for you, you can begin the journey to having your very own stove or fire in your home. Today, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to stoves or fires. There are a large range of wood burning appliances on the market with manufacturers vying for your custom with ever more gorgeous designs and impressive technology at their core.

For homeowners looking for something a little different, the 225 and 525 are the latest multi-fuel and wood burning stoves in the range. Featuring distinctive, retro inspired design and unique detailing, the 225 and 525 are both visually appealing and highly effective; combining the best of the past with the technology of the present.

Property owners looking to add a designer flair to their homes will be rewarded by the wood burning Dovre Vintage Range. The exquisite range of wood burning stoves exudes luxury and style and will create a beautiful focal feature in a stylish, contemporary home. Dovre Tai wood burning and multi-fuel stove

Not all advancements in the market has been to offer contemporary design solutions. For many of us, the sight of a more traditional log burner in our homes is still very much top of our wish list. This appeal and love for the traditional looking woodburner has been met by today’s greater need for ecologically and economically sound heating solutions. Although with their designs firmly rooted in their origins of the past, a wealth of traditional designed stoves today are available with cutting edge advanced firebox technology that really do address these needs. Updating an old open fireplace to a modern glass fronted stove, such as the cast iron Tai wood burning and multi-fuel stove, can maximise your heating return from your fuel outlay whilst still maintaining the unmistakable authenticity and atmosphere from a traditional heating appliance.

With such a wide array of styles and designs available today, why not take advantage of the many delights wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires can bring to your home. If you would like to find out more, please visit your local Dovre retailer.

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Posted by Dan on March 15, 2016