Heat your home with a Dovre!

Heat your home with a Dovre!

We have survived the weekend chills but with another week of reported artic conditions; the thought of a warm fire is inviting…

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, Dovre, has a range of stoves and fireplaces robust enough for the harshest of Scandinavian winters. You will feel snug with a Dovre in no time.

With various models and colours to choose from, that cosy warm ambiance can be replicated easily.

Choose from the unique designs of the 225 & 525: these 1950’s inspired stoves will give your home a fresh look.

The sleek and contemporary styling of the Astroline range offers you an exceptional view of the fire. Take for example the Astroline 3CB, the stunning flames of which can be seen from more than 180° thanks to the angled glass side panels and the large main windows.

If you prefer to have a more traditional look, the highly efficient Dovre 1800 is suitable for use in smaller inglenooks or as a built-in fireplace.

Whatever the size and interior of your home, select from Dovre’s collection of fires, stoves and fireplaces. Why not visit your local Dovre retailer now for further information and advice on the Dovre range.

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Posted by Dan on January 15, 2013