Guide to choosing a stove

Guide to choosing a stove

If you are looking to buy a new stove or fire, read our guide to help you choose which one is right for you and your home.

Contemporary or traditional stoves
Consider your interior style: is it traditional or contemporary? If contemporary, perhaps consider the Dovre Vintage 35 for its retro styling that strongly echoes the smooth, distinctive style of the 1960s or ‘70s. If traditional, a stove such as the Dovre 425 multi-fuel looks great when nestled in an inglenook.

Solid fuel, gas, or electric?
Each fuel type has its benefit, so it’s about which one suits your lifestyle and property best. Do you like the idea of loading real logs into the stove, and an authentic wood burning aesthetic? A solid fuel stove or fire offers the allure of living flames, along with the ability to burn wood – a renewable energy source.

Gas and electric stoves, on the other hand, will give you heat at the touch of a button – offering you a highly-realistic flame picture with ultra-convenience.

Do I need a chimney?
Even if you don’t have a chimney, there are options for you to install a stove.
If you are set on getting a solid fuel stove or fire, you may be able to have a pre-fabricated system fitted which works in the same way a conventional chimney would. If you would rather a gas fire, there is the option to select a balanced flue model which does not require a chimney at all as a twin-wall pipe vents directly to an outside wall.

Alternatively, for ultimate ease, a Dovre electric stove or fire simply requires a standard three-pin socket to function and can be moved from room to room if required.

Your local expert retailer

Whichever stove or fire you choose, be sure to visit your local expert retailer who can advise you on heat output and will also be able to share the range of styling options available. This will allow you to pick the perfect stove that meets your home’s interior and heating needs.

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Posted by Annabelle on March 19, 2018