Eco Heating with Wood burning

Eco Heating with Wood burning

Today’s heating is more than a radiator in each room and a feature fireplace in the sitting room – it is concerned with how you want to use your living space, the look of your heating appliances and the feel they give your home. Forefront for many is design, efficiency and cost effectiveness but an increasing number of people also want to make a difference to their carbon footprint as well.

The “green” benefits of burning wood continue to gain wide support. Burning this fuel releases roughly the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as would be produced by a tree left to rot naturally at the end of its lifecycle. What is more, harvested trees are replaced and new saplings will absorb CO2 in the process of photosynthesis as they grow. Modern wood burning stoves and insets fires which are glass fronted are the most efficient way to burn wood logs and typically have efficiency rates as high as 82%. Advanced firebox technology such as Cleanburn ensures that hydrocarbons and other gases are utilised to make the best possible burning conditions and fuel economy. Whilst many modern wood burning appliances are also manufactured to facilitate urban use with the introduction of smoke control kits that ensure a stove or fire that burns wood may be used in areas affected by the Smoke Control Acts.

If you are concerned that choosing a wood burning appliance will dictate the styling of your new interior, you will be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of shapes and designs now available. For those searching for a modern, ultra stylish look to heat their home, the Sense wood burning stove range is a fantastic choice. This contemporary wood burning stove range has models that can produce up to 7kW of heat. With a wide selection of stunning colour finishes and sizes, you can also enjoy the superb views of the beautiful rolling flames thanks to Dovre’s state-of-the-art Cleanburn and Airwash systems.

Also approved for use in smoke control areas and with the same smooth, distinctive lines as the Sense wood burning range, the Dovre Vintage range can be installed into a range of contemporary homes and will make a big impact with its vintage inspired styling. With some models radiating up to 11kW of heat, this range burns wood effectively with Cleanburn and also includes a feature called Airwash which helps to keep the glass in the stove door clear so as not to obscure your view of the wonderful flames and glowing embers. These highly efficient wood burning stove range is perfectly complemented by a choice of either Anthracite or White enamel finishes both of which will create a striking focal point for any interior space.

Wood burning is also an option for fuelling boiler stoves which have the capacity to provide you with the energy not only to heat your home but your family’s hot water and broader central heating requirements as well. There is a vast range of contemporary and traditional boiler stoves on the market, each with the capability to feed an average 8,000 BTU hot water cylinder and, depending on model, up to 19 radiators. It is also possible to ‘link up’ a high output boiler stove with an existing heating system – this will help you to reduce your reliance on gas or oil. Those with access to their own supply of wood will benefit greatly from significantly reduced bills whilst buying from a well managed, local supply will satisfy anyone’s green credentials. It is also useful to know that dedicated wood burning boiler stoves, such as the Stockton 11HB and 14HB from Stovax, qualify for the significantly reduced VAT rate of just 5% by adhering to the principles of the Government’s ‘Energy-Saving Materials’ initiative.

A number of stoves may be fitted with a special kit that will convert it from a dedicated wood burning model to multi-fuel capacity and although there is little difference between the fuel types in terms of availability and cost, it can be reassuring to have the choice, particularly if you prefer one supplier over another. So, there really has never been a better time to enjoy the many benefits of wood burning – eco or otherwise!

Visit your local Dovre or Stovax retailer now to find out more about the products featured within this blog.

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Posted by Dan on April 5, 2016