What A Difference A Dovre Makes

What A Difference A Dovre Makes

If you're in the market for a wood burning and multi-fuel stove, where do you start? The huge choice available can be a little overwhelming. To make the decision easier, Dovre have a variety of modern and traditional stoves that fit all tastes and room sizes.

Durable and Reliable

Over the years, Dovre’s product range has been continuously developed and refined. Its wood burning and multi-fuel stoves offer advanced technology for improved efficiency and greener living.

The airwash systems help keep the door glass clean, while the cleanburn technology gives superior combustion and efficiency. There are also many models with the convenience of gas or electricity should a wood burning stove not be your thing. All big plusses for today’s home builders, renovators and first time stove owners.

Whatever your choice – wood, multi-fuel, gas or electric – your Dovre stove or fireplace will not only be reliable, but durable. Built with cast iron to uncompromising standards, all stoves offer better heat retention with an aesthetic appeal that befits our strong Scandinavian heritage.

Wood and Multi-fuel Stoves and Fireplaces

Designed to burn wood and smokeless fuels, Dovre stoves and fires have the highest standards for safety, efficiency and emissions.

Burning wood is also better for the environment. Thanks to its carbon neutral credentials, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is roughly the same as that taken in by the tree during its growth. It’s also a renewable resource, particularly when it’s taken from plantations and cultivated woodland.

To get the best out of your stove, logs should stored for 2 years or more to make sure they’re dry throughout. This will not only give up to twice the heat output of freshly felled timber, but help avoid a build up of tar in your flue. Hardwood logs are even better, as they will burn for approximately twice as long.

Many models, including the more traditionally styled 225, 250 and 525, also have approval for the burning of wood in Smoke Control Areas.

And the Smoke Control benefits don’t stop at the traditional models either. The contemporary Sense stoves and the retro stylings of the Vintage range are also all smoke control approved. In simple terms, if you’re a city dweller, you can burn the stove you desire, even in built-up areas.

Solid fuels, such as anthracite and manufactured smokeless fuels, can also be burnt on multi-fuel models thanks to their riddling grate.

Gas Stoves

All Dovre’s gas stoves are available in natural gas or LPG versions and feature a highly realistic coal or log effect fire (depending on model). These highly efficient gas stoves are manual operation, but have the option to upgrade to either a standard remote control or a programmable remote with extra thermostatic and timer controls.

Electric Stoves

A Dovre electric stove can be as easy to install as plugging in and switching on! All models feature unique VeriFlame™ technology with powerful LED illumination and a hand painted fuel bed. With the heater discreetly located underneath, you can switch between 1kW and 2kW or run the VeriFlame™ effects without any heat at all. Plus, all this happens with the remote control, straight from your sofa!


Whichever stove your choose for your home, Dovre offers a model to suit your needs. For more information, contact your nearest retailer.

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Posted by Dan on March 22, 2016