Benefits of a Dovre log burner

Benefits of a Dovre log burner

A Dovre log burner brings both fashion and function to your living space. If you are thinking about installing a stove or fire in your home, here is a short guide to explain the benefits of a wood burning stove.

Creates a homely focal point

A Dovre wood burning stove offers beautiful flames and expert crafting, creating a homely fireside ambience in any home. Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, there is a Dovre woodburner for any interior design.

From contemporary wood burning stoves like the Rock 500 to more traditional woodburners, such as the 425 wood burning and multi fuel stove, there is plenty of choice to suit your home.

Reliable source of heating

If your home is located in the countryside, having a reliable source of heating is essential. Severe weather conditions often result in power failures, so having an alternative form of heating such as a wood burning fire can be vital.

Dovre Ecodesign Ready stoves

A Dovre Ecodesign woodburner becomes an even more appealing choice when considering an Ecodesign Ready stove. Most Dovre wood and multi fuel stoves burn so cleanly, they meet proposed 2022 Ecodesign air quality standards.

When using good quality wood, these stoves lower emissions from wood burning to a minimum. This means that if you choose a Dovre wood burning or multi fuel stove, you are opting for one of the most environmentally friendly woodburners today.

Whichever log burner you choose, be sure to speak to your local retailer who will advise you on the best options for your home, from heat output to chimney requirements. Click here to find your local retailer.

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Posted by Annabelle on February 18, 2019