How to buy the best stove or fire for your home

How to buy the best stove or fire for your home

With energy prices rising and concerns about the depletion of fossil fuel reserves, upgrading your hearth to incorporate a modern, efficient stove or fire is a great way to keep you warmer, save you money, help the environment and give you something delightful to look at! There are many different models on the market and different fuels to consider. Here’s a brief guide on how to make the most of your fireplace.

One decision is this: what look do you want? Do you want to keep your fireplace open or install a stove? If you plan to install a stove, do you want one that sits flush to the wall or one that sits out on the hearth? Also it’s important to decide on what you want your new heating appliance to achieve – do you want it to heat just one room… or do you want to install a back boiler so that some of the warmth generated can be used to heat water that is directed to power radiators in other rooms or boost a domestic hot water system?

Apart from the look and the function, you also have to choose a fuel – wood, multi-fuel, gas or electricity. Each has its benefits. Wood is almost carbon neutral and cheap; multi-fuel appliances give you the advantage of a range of solid fuels; gas is plentiful and clean; while electric models are the most versatile and the easiest to install.

Be aware of two things: firstly, you are not going to be able to get some combinations of the criteria listed above (for instance, you can’t have a back boiler with an electric fire); and secondly, it’s important to buy from a qualified retailer, who can give you the right advice, install the heating appliance properly and then provide after-sales support.

With impressive levels of efficiency in all of the above forms of heating, whatever fire or stove you opt for will give you great value for money and provide a stunning focal point for any room.

Please visit your local Dovre retailer to find the most suitable stove or fire for your home.

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Posted by Dan on April 14, 2016