Burning dry wood this winter

Burning dry wood this winter

If you want to get the most from your wood burning stove this winter, it is essential to burn the right wood.

Why is quality wood important, and why should you burn dry wood?

When we burn wet wood, or wood of a high moisture content, the heat energy created by a fire is wasted first boiling and burning off the water in the wood, before it gets to heating your room. If we burn seasoned, dry wood, on the other hand, the energy is focused on creating heat, using the energy efficiently.

If you want to be sure you are burning wood that is suitable for your stove, you should either season to good moisture levels, or look for kiln-dried wood that is ready to burn. Burning wet wood results in poor quality combustion, increased dirty smoke and produces tar and creosotes that will damage your flue.

How do you know if the wood is ready to burn?

If you are seasoning your wood yourself, we recommend leaving it to dry for a minimum of 12-18 months, to moisture levels of around 20% or lower. You can use a moisture meter to check this. Alternatively, if you are buying wood, look for the Woodsure Ready to Burn label on the packet, which certifies that this wood is of high quality and can be used for burning.

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Posted by Annabelle on December 18, 2018