The Art Of Zen ~ Wood Burning Fires

The Art Of Zen ~ Wood Burning Fires

When it comes to wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires, Dovre offer a variety wide enough to suit a whole range of tastes and interiors. But what are your choices if you can’t or simply don’t want to install a stove or fire in the traditional opening? No fireplace? No problem.

Zen 100 wood burning inset fire

With their built in Zen fires, Dovre have introduced a compact, yet powerful inset fire that brings cutting edge technology and design into your home.

The Zen 100 wood burning inset fire has all the sharp lines and attractive design required for any modern interior. Providing a desirable 5kW heat output, it is perfectly suited to homes with standard sized living spaces.

Together with its high efficiency reaching up to 80%, the Zen 100 gives you a stunning centrepiece as well as a carbon neutral, cost effective, heat source.

Double The Experience

For a single room inset fire, the Zen 100 certainly fits the bill, but how about one inset fire in two separate rooms? Making a fiery feature in more than one room is easily done with the Dovre Zen 102 double-sided cassette fire. Installed into a purpose-built dividing feature wall between both rooms, the 102 gives an amazing focal point from either side.

The 102’s shallow firebox dimensions allow for more flexible installation options than standard duplex fires and, with doors on both sides, the 102 offers more convenient refuelling. In turn, this gives you a dual-purpose statement fire that will generate the same heat output and high efficiency as the Zen 100 as well as the double-sided visuals!

The Zen Benefit

The Zen 100 and 102's recessed combustion chamber

Over and above their obvious benefits, the beauty of both the Zen 100 and Zen 102 lies with its innovative recessed combustion chamber. In simple terms, the fuel bed where you place your wood fuel ingeniously lies below the firebox, allowing you to load up and enjoy a far fuller flame picture than most inset fires.

Together with integral Airwash and Cleanburn systems that give you a longer, cleaner burn, the Zen 100 and 102 models will rise to any occasion and deliver plenty of heat and style in equal measure.

For more information on either Zen models, please contact and visit your local retailer.

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Posted by Dan on January 19, 2016