Five Reasons to choose a Dovre Wood burning Stove

Five Reasons to choose a Dovre Wood burning Stove

Nothing beats the glow of a wood burning stove on a cold day. Turn the lights down and relax with a cup of hot chocolate, as you warm your cockles the same way we have been doing since time began. But far from the fires our ancestors were lighting, a Dovre modern woodburner offers a clean and stylish take on this ancient heat source.

1. Relaxation

When was the last time you just kicked back and unwound, without a screen in front of you? Most of us spend all day glancing at smart phones and computers, only to find ourselves in front of the TV in the evening. But research points to the watching of flames as having a relaxing effect on the mind and body, helping relieve stress and lower blood pressure. Both our Traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves are designed to provide a clear view for stunning flame visuals, with many featuring a powerful Airwash to keep the glass clear of soot. So switch off from digital and fire up your stove – who knows, you may even get use to analogue living!

2. Ultra-clean burning

Dovre stoves are ultra-clean burning. Thanks to advanced firebox technology and cutting edge, cleanburn systems, all our stoves burn with high efficiency whilst producing minimal smoke emissions. In fact they burn so cleanly, they actually meet future Ecodesign air quality standards. Ecodesign stoves are seen as a solution by the Government to improving air quality, by replacing old inefficient stoves and open fires with these new, low emission models.


3. An environmental choice

Using wood to heat your home on one of our Ecodesign stoves is an environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Burning wood is virtually carbon neutral, with roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as the tree has absorbed over its lifetime. Make sure you burn good quality wood with a moisture content below 20%, this will produce less smoke and tar as well as providing far more heat than green or wet wood.

4. Get off the Grid

Do you want to reduce your dependence on energy companies? Using a woodburner is a great way to lower the amount of gas, oil or electricity we use to heat our homes. Stock up your wood pile and feel a little more in control, knowing you can choose to live off grid (if just for an evening!). But in all seriousness, a Dovre high efficiency stove provides a great source of heat for the lounge or living area, perfect for those points in the year when it’s not quite time to turn on the central heating but you still want to feel cosy and warm.

5. Bring Nordic style into your home

Create a beautiful Scandi fireplace to add a heart to your home. Nordic style has become a well-established trend, and our range stove offers you the full spectrum. Choose from minimalist and contemporary stoves like the Bold 300 and 400, for modern styling. Alternatively, our cast iron castings allow us to create beautifully ornate patterns and designs for our traditional stoves,  perfect for period settings.

If you’r thinking of purchasing a wood burning or multi-fuel Dovre stove, pop by your local Dovre retailer to see them burning.

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Posted by Dan on February 22, 2019