Alluring flames and warmth from a Dovre Stove

Alluring flames and warmth from a Dovre Stove

At this time of year when the weather gets particularly cold and dreary, it is a good idea to make those essential, more regularly used rooms that little bit cosier. A welcoming sitting room that is a comfortable, ambient temperature will keep your spirits up while the temperatures dip outside.

Dovre’s respected and highly efficient woodburning and multi-fuel 280 and 425 are also available as gas stoves;  providing convenient heating for your home that can be powered by the switch of a button on a remote control, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Dovre gas stoves have highly realistic fuel effects to further enhance their beautiful, shining flames. Choose from a log effect with a light, chic Vermiculite lining or a traditional coal effect backed with a smart Matt Black lining. Both are constructed from cast iron and feature classic stove design and ‘modern traditional’ styling. Select a Matt Black finish or one of five alternative colours to complete the look of your inglenook or hearth mounted stove.

If your home isn’t able to accommodate a gas stove, there are also electric equivalents available which are suitable for any home and provide warmth and atmosphere in an equally quick and convenient manner. So, no matter what your requirements, there is a Dovre stove to ensure you stay warm and toasty throughout the winter.


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Posted by Dan on January 17, 2013