Internet Selling Policy

We take great care to ensure that our fireplaces, stoves and inserts are manufactured, built and tested to the highest possible quality and safety standards. Our experienced retailers have been carefully selected to enable the customer to see our products, discuss individual requirements (both technical and design) and to ensure that customers select the appropriate product for their specific circumstances.

All stove and fireplace products have their own different characteristics and requirements but, by their very nature, are technically complex heating appliances. Accordingly, we have spent many years identifying the best independent retailer in your area and we invest a great deal of time and effort training our retailers to be as knowledgeable and as up-to-date as they can be on our products. Our retailers will be able to advise on or assist with installation and, should your appliance require servicing, they will be able to help. This should ensure that you get years of pleasure and enjoyment from your Dovre appliance without any concerns.

We continue to encourage the use of the Internet to promote fireplace products and retail outlets, but we do not believe that the above standards of customer satisfaction can be achieved by direct Internet sales. We believe that direct selling of Dovre products on the Internet, without also offering appropriate retailer support, is irresponsible and cannot possibly achieve the all-round service obtained from a visit to one of our carefully selected retailers.

Accordingly, Dovre does not authorise any of its retailers to sell our products over the Internet. We strongly recommend you to be very wary of anyone quoting discounted products on-line, or offering to deliver products outside of their immediate area. Generally they will not offer the appropriate level of advice, assistance with installation, adequate after-sales support or warranty that we believe are appropriate for our products.