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Reduce your energy bills with a highly efficient Dovre gas stove

Dovre’s high performance gas stoves offer efficiency rates of up to 80%. Whether you want a gas stove for a contemporary or traditional interior, choosing a high efficiency Dovre appliance will help you to create a beautiful focal point that will heat your home reasonably. With Dovre’s innovative technology, these premium gas stoves also feature highly realistic fuel effects and can be controlled at the switch of a button on the optional remote control.

Dovre offers you a wealth of finishes on its gas stoves so that you can achieve an individual look to complement your home; the 280 model also offers a choice of fuel effects. Crafted from cast iron, the stoves are available in either a balanced or conventional flue version.

The recent increase in household bills has driven many home-owners to consider replacing  inefficient appliances with models that offer a better return on their investment with high efficiency and performance levels. By upgrading your old open fronted gas fire to a highly efficient Dovre gas stove, you can enjoy a reduction in your monthly gas bills as well as the alluring and thoroughly warming ambiance it creates in your home.