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Wood burning stoves and fires – the greener way to burn fuel

Choosing a wood burner has many benefits for homeowners, not only does it help cut down your monthly outgoings; it also helps to contribute in making our planet greener – and it certainly provides your home with a warm and cosy atmosphere through out the year.

For those homeowners who are fortunate enough to have their own land, the potential for free fuel is great. However, there are plenty of other ways to acquire wood fuel for those homeowners without access to their own wood, from planting your own to buying from your local wood supplier. Planting your own firewood gives your household a level of self-sufficiency and also connects you with your beautiful surroundings. On the other hand, wood derived from plantations and cultivated woodland ensures that older trees are used, allowing younger trees to reach their maximum growth. It is advisable to burn wood when moisture content is less than 20% – otherwise some of the heat is wasted boiling the water in the wood instead of producing warmth for the house. In order to achieve the optimum moisture level, it is recommended that “seasoning” wood is essential for at least two years. This will also help avoid a build up of tar in your flue.

With the increasing global concerns of using sustainable resources, homeowners are opting to burn wood because it is a great way to offset carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.

Dovre offers a huge range of premium, cast iron wood burning stoves and wood fires to suit all types of home interiors. Opting for a wood burner not only helps decrease your dependence on using other types of fuel such as oil and gas, it also helps you reduce your environmental impact. Of course, opting to burn wood with a Dovre wood burning stove or fire will give you the real pleasure of enjoying the beautiful, roaring flames that only comes from a real wood fire.