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Guide to choosing a stove

19 Mar

If you are looking to buy a new stove or fire, read our guide to help you choose which one is right for you and your home. Contemporary or traditional stoves Consider...

Dovre’s stylish wood burning stove is Bold as Love

14 Feb

Tall and elegant, Dovre’s Bold wood burning stove range offer sleek styling, superb flame visuals and a choice of styling options. Bold wood burning stoves feature a tall elliptical firebox, packed with...

Dovre’s Latest Wood Burning Stove is Solid as a Rock

16 Oct

The latest model to expand Dovre’s strikingly contemporary Rock stove range, the Rock 500 features a wide firebox for a superb, landscape flame view. Demonstrating Dovre’s proud heritage of stove design, the...

Hygge, what is it and how do you welcome it into your interior?

17 Nov

Our Interior Stylist, Hannah Stone takes a look at the Danish concept of Hygge and how you can bring it into your life by making simple changes to your home environment.

Choosing the right stove or fire

20 Apr

Choosing the right stove or fire will be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your self-build, so it’s worth investing plenty of time and effort to ensure you...

How to buy the best stove or fire for your home

14 Apr

With energy prices rising and concerns about the depletion of fossil fuel reserves, upgrading your hearth to incorporate a modern, efficient stove or fire is a great way to keep you warmer,...

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires – the difference!

15 Mar

The lure of a wood burning or multi-fuel appliance is hard to deny. It can provide an eye-catching centrepiece for the home; an efficient heating system and a step towards a more...

The Art Of Zen ~ Wood Burning Fires

19 Jan

When it comes to wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires, Dovre offer a variety wide enough to suit a whole range of tastes and interiors. But what are your choices if...

All new wood burning stove with a powerful heat output!

30 Oct

The Dovre Tai 45 offers multi-fuel operation with a powerful heat output. Building on the warm reception that the Tai has already received, the range has now been expanded to include a...

Brut – A Designer Wood Burning Stove With Advanced Heating Technology

23 Oct

One of the most striking models in the range, the Brut is a designer wood burning stove which couples avant-garde styling with the high quality, solid build that Dovre is known for. Presented in...

Stylish Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves For All Tastes

09 Oct

Designed to heat homes in some of the coldest winters of the world, Dovre cast iron wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are not only manufactured to high tolerances, they are also offered...

Dovre Sense 113

A Sense of Style – Dovre’s Ultra-Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

25 Sep

Pairing ultra-contemporary design with exceptional flame visuals, the cast iron Dovre Sense range is truly a feat of engineering, offering an impressive flame view in a convenient, slimline package. Perfect for adding both...

Wood burning Cassette Fire – Create A Double Impact with the Zen!

13 Aug

The outstanding double-sided wood burning cassette fire, the Dovre Zen 102 combines big impact with compact dimensions. This beautiful wood burning cassette fire allows you to enjoy the rolling flames to maximum...

Dovre Vintage 35 in anthracite

Dovre Vintage 35 on Grand Designs

25 Sep

Many of us will have enjoyed seeing last night’s Grand Designs on Channel 4, as farmer and architect Patrick Bradley built The Grillagh Water House on his family’s farm in Northern Ireland...

Dovre Vintage 50 wood burning stove

Revive Retro Styling with Dovre Vintage Stoves

16 Sep

For a nostalgic throwback to the bold styles of the 1960s and 70s, a Dovre Vintage stove could be the ideal choice for a wood burning stove with a difference. These attractive,...

Dovre Vintage 35 in White Enamel

Look to the Future with Dovre’s Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves

19 Aug

Wood burning stoves have been heating our homes for centuries and continue to be incredibly popular, in part due to the environmental benefits of wood burning. Dovre manufactures all of their stoves...

Dove 2400CB with Panorama Door

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Dovre Wood Burning Fireplace

06 Aug

There are few sights more comforting than a roaring wood burning fireplace; and with over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing stoves and fireplaces for the harshest of Artic winters, Dovre produces a...

Dovre Sense 203 in white enamel

Get a Sense of Dovre’s New Range of Wood burning Stoves

14 Jul

Looking for a stove that’s a little out of the ordinary? Well your search is over with the arrival of the new Dovre Sense range of contemporary wood burning stoves! This exciting...

Dovre 1800 with optional canopy

Say “no” to idle inglenooks with a Dovre fireplace

12 Jun

Whether you have decided to update your current fire, or settled on finding an effective way to use an empty space, deciding what to do with an existing fireplace or inglenook can...

Contemporary wood burning stoves for today’s interiors

18 Feb

For those with contemporary living spaces, finding a suitable fire is essential. One that will not only meet your heating needs but also be aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for your home’s style...

Unique wood burners from Dovre

12 Feb

As consumers focus on turning to low carbon heating solutions, stove manufacturing companies have seen an increase in sales of wood burners. Wood as a fuel is considered carbon neutral as the...

Dry logs

How to choose the best wood for your woodburner

27 Feb

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be looking at a series of blogs on the topic of choosing, drying and burning logs. This week we will address the benefits of...

Should you choose a wood burning or multi-fuel stove?

20 Feb

During your search for a solid fuel stove, you will undoubtedly have come across a fundamental choice: should you opt for a wood burning or a multi-fuel model?

Dovre Astroline 3CB

Heat your home with a Dovre!

15 Jan

We have survived the weekend chills but with another week of reported artic conditions; the thought of a warm fire is inviting… With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, Dovre, has...

25 Beautiful Homes feature Dovre stove

11 Jan

A Dovre solid fuel stove completes a wonderful Kent cottage in this month’s edition of 25 Beautiful Homes. Nestled in the corner of the sitting room, the stove is a smart addition to the chic...

A Happy & Cosy New Year from Dovre

07 Jan

2013 is now well away and many are back at their desks today. But just because the ‘jolly’ season has been put to bed for another year doesn’t mean the house has...

Cat gets toasty by a Dovre 500 stove

12 Dec

Have you seen this infamous image online with a cheeky headline?

Dovre 640

Why choose a Wood Burning Stove?

10 Sep

With fuel prices constantly rising many of us are looking at alternative ways to heat our homes, with a wood burning stove proving to be a popular option. Wood burning is cheaper...