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Choosing the right stove or fire

20 Apr

Choosing the right stove or fire will be one of the most important decisions you make when planning your self-build, so it’s worth investing plenty of time and effort to ensure you...

Stylish Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Stoves For All Tastes

09 Oct

Designed to heat homes in some of the coldest winters of the world, Dovre cast iron wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are not only manufactured to high tolerances, they are also offered...

Dovre 2000 Fireplace

Find Your Fairytale Fireplace this Winter

13 Nov

Fires and fireplaces have a long history, not only functionally but also as a place for the gathering of friends to discuss the events of the day and exchange stories. Dovre produces...

Dovre 225

What is a Multi-Fuel Burning Stove?

11 Aug

When shopping around for your stove, you have probably come across several terms to describe the fuel it burns; wood, multi-fuel, solid fuel, smokeless fuels. It is easy to get a little...

Dove 2400CB with Panorama Door

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Dovre Wood Burning Fireplace

06 Aug

There are few sights more comforting than a roaring wood burning fireplace; and with over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing stoves and fireplaces for the harshest of Artic winters, Dovre produces a...

Electric log burners from Dovre

07 Jul

With an exceptionally realistic hand painted, log-effect fuel bed, the range of wonderful electric log burners stoves from Dovre will create a stunning addition to your home. Made from the finest cast...

Dovre 280 Electric in Ivory Enamel

Attractive, Adaptable and Advanced: Dovre’s Electric Stoves

16 Jun

For over 60 years Dovre has been manufacturing stoves and fireplaces for the harshest Artic winters. Dovre produces both contemporary stoves, and traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stoves such as the iconic-looking...

Multi-fuel stoves – top 5 frequently asked questions

07 Mar

What is a multi-fuel stove? Often referred to as a solid fuel appliance, a multi-fuel stove has been specifically designed to burn a combination of materials including logs, peat/turf briquettes and smokeless...

An Electric Stove for All Seasons

31 Jan

Electric stoves are suitable for a wide variety of living spaces; all that is required is a power socket and there is no need to install a chimney opening or flue system,...

Why choose a gas fired stove for your home?

20 Jan

If you are considering a new stove for your home, looking at the benefits of gas can be helpful. A modern gas fired stove from Dovre will offer a highly effective and...

Alluring flames and warmth from a Dovre Stove

17 Jan

At this time of year when the weather gets particularly cold and dreary, it is a good idea to make those essential, more regularly used rooms that little bit cosier. A welcoming sitting room...

25 Beautiful Homes feature Dovre stove

11 Jan

A Dovre solid fuel stove completes a wonderful Kent cottage in this month’s edition of 25 Beautiful Homes. Nestled in the corner of the sitting room, the stove is a smart addition to the chic...

A Happy & Cosy New Year from Dovre

07 Jan

2013 is now well away and many are back at their desks today. But just because the ‘jolly’ season has been put to bed for another year doesn’t mean the house has...

Cat gets toasty by a Dovre 500 stove

12 Dec

Have you seen this infamous image online with a cheeky headline?

Dovre 640

Why choose a Wood Burning Stove?

10 Sep

With fuel prices constantly rising many of us are looking at alternative ways to heat our homes, with a wood burning stove proving to be a popular option. Wood burning is cheaper...