Dovre Vintage 35 features in snug living room on DIY SOS: The Big Build

Dovre Vintage 35 features in snug living room on DIY SOS: The Big Build

You may have already seen the Avening episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build. In this episode, Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team pitch up in the Cotswolds to help a family that have all been affected by a freak accident on holiday.

Ben, father of two and partner to Ella, was on holiday with his family in Cyprus in 2016 when his life was changed dramatically. Slipping and falling head-first into the shallow end of a swimming pool, Ben broke his neck in three places which left him with injuries that have restricted him to use of a mobility chair.

He was treated for months in Cyprus and Germany, but when he returned to the UK he went to the Salisbury Spinal Unit, who made incredible progress with him. However, this has meant that Ben has been unable to live in his family home – which has been a huge difficulty for them, and utterly heart breaking.

His house needed front access and an extension with a through-floor lift so that it could finally become accessible, which is where the DIY SOS team set to work.

Ben’s story clearly had an impact on many people from the Avening community and beyond, who all got together to make this possible.

Centre to his new living room is a Dovre Vintage 35, which suits the warm tones perfectly. We were thrilled to hear Ella say, ‘look how comfortable it looks and how snug it looks’ when describing the room. Coupled with the grey tones and the wood echoed on the walls, the Dovre Vintage 35 makes a wonderful statement in this room, helping to create a cosiness that we hope the whole family can enjoy.

Catch up on the full episode on iPlayer.

Photo credit: BBC

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Posted by Alex on October 25, 2018