425 Traditional Remote Controlled Gas Stoves

The Dovre 425 traditional gas stove incorporates ‘up-to-the-minute’ gas fire technology. This gas stove features all the charm and atmosphere of a superb log effect fire with an exceptionally realistic glow and gently dancing flames. It is available in both balanced flue and conventional flue versions. Add to this a choice of six colour options, top or rear flue exits, natural gas or LPG variants and remote control options and you should be able to find the perfect stove for your home.

  • All cast iron construction
  • Realistic log-effect fire
  • Conventional and Balanced flue versions
  • Colour matched enamel flue pipe also available
  • Optional remote controls
  • High efficiency: Up to 80%
  • Max. heat output: 5.3kW
  • Ignition system requires no electricity supply
  • LPG and Natural Gas versions available
  • Automatic safety shutdown in the event of pilot light failure or flue blockage
  • Top or rear flue exit: 125mm (CF) /152mm (BF)
  • Weight: 74kg (CF)/81.5kg (BF)
  • Multi fuel stove, wood stove & electric stove versions available
WidthHeightDepthWeightNominal Heat outputFlue diameter
608mm690mm401mm(CF) 452mm(BF)74kg(CF) 81.5(BF)5.3kW125mm(CF) 152(BF)

Black Enamel

Ivory Enamel

Ivory White Enamel

Majolica Brown Enamel

Traditional Matt Black

DV-425CFNGConventional Flue, Natural Gas, Matt Black
DV-425CFLPGConventional Flue, LPG, Matt Black
DV-425CFNGIVConventional Flue, Natural Gas, Ivory
DV-425CFLPGIVConventional Flue, LPG, Ivory
DV-425CFNGMJBConventional Flue, Natural Gas, Majolica Brown
DV-425CFLPGMJBConventional Flue, LPG, Majolica Brown
DV-425CFNGBKConventional Flue, Natural Gas, Black enamel
DV-425CFLPGBKConventional Flue, LPG, Black enamel
DV541-076Conventional Flue, Natural Gas, Ivory White enamel
DV541-479Conventional Flue, LPG, Ivory White enamel
DV-425BFNGBalanced Flue, Natural Gas, Matt Black
DV-425BFLPGBalanced Flue, LPG, Matt Black
DV-425BFNGIVBalanced Flue, Natural Gas, Ivory
DV-425BFLPGIVBalanced Flue, LPG, Ivory
DV-425BFNGMJBBalanced Flue, Natural Gas, Majolica Brown
DV-425BFLPGMJBBalanced Flue, LPG, Majolica Brown
DV-425BFNGBKBalanced Flue, Natural Gas, Black enamel
DV-425BFLPGBKBalanced Flue, LPG, Black enamel
DV541-090Balanced Flue, Natural Gas, Ivory White enamel
DV541-496Balanced Flue, LPG, Ivory White enamel