New Dovre website launches today!

09 Oct

This easy to navigate site shows Dovre’s extensive range of wood burning, gas & electric stoves and fires like never before. The new Dovre website has some exciting features which include: a...

Smoke Control Approved

Suitable for Smoke Control Areas

15 Sep

The Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968 were introduced to deal with smog created by the widespread burning of coal for domestic and industrial purposes. The Acts gave local authorities the...

Dovre 640

Why choose a Wood Burning Stove?

10 Sep

With fuel prices constantly rising many of us are looking at alternative ways to heat our homes, with a wood burning stove proving to be a popular option. Wood burning is cheaper...

Chimneys and Lining

Lining your Chimney

07 Jul

Chimneys are used to safely remove the bi-products of burning from your home. Whether you use a wood burning stove, log fire or gas appliance the fumes are taken to the outside...